Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We Had Another Baptism!

Elder Santos, My New Companion on the floor in front.

Paradise/ Trujillo Beach

Local Bug


How was your week?
My week was alright!! I'm working hard! We had another baptism! and that was great! And this week we have 2 more! So im really excited about that. We had interviews with president Klein also... we talked for 30 minutes!!  He's a really good President. He really knows who and how to baptize. I learned a ton in my interview.
How is your new companion?
Hes really good! He likes to talk and work!  He is really genuine.  Every morning he pops every bone in his whole entire body. He's a great Elder and I love him.

What is his name, where is he from, what is he like?
I only know Elder Santos.   He like to play soccer. He likes to ride his motorcycle and he does stuff with computers.  He's a really genuine guy though and I like him for that. He's a nice guy and works. He is asking a lot of questions about where are are going and who we are seeing because he is new to the area.

When did he arrive last Wednesday?
10:30PM in the night...

Did you show Elder Santos around the city?
I've been showing him... but our area is massive so he will not ever really see all of it.
Does he talk to you and help you with your Spanish and teaching?
Yes he helps me with both.  he has more vocabulary so we are working on that part.

How was church this week?  Did you have more people there?
Ugh.... no we had 5 because it poooooorrrrrreeeeddd rain.  Gosh I hate the rain lol... and my comp gave my poncho to my investigator I was soooooaaakkkeeed.... and when it comes/starts to rain nobody comes.

How are your people that are committed to baptism coming along?

We have 2 this week and then 2 the next hopefully. The 2 this week are moving along and progressing. Goodness one of them I literally am going to ball when I leave here… I'll show you a photo.