Monday, February 16, 2015

February 1, 2015 They Walk and Hour to Church! Pedro and Diller Came to be Baptisms

Taylor and the Murillos Family

Taylor and Pedro in Tocoa!

Taylor and Murillos family parents baptism

Taylor and the Murillos family Baptism

Murillo Family Home

February 1, 2015
How was your week?
The lady Bertha that he baptized is 8 months pregnant, that is why the baptism was on Sunday (because they walk an hour to church).  They love Taylor and asked him if they could name their baby after him, so the baby's name will probably be "taylor shepherd padilla murrillo"
He is afraid he will be transferred this week and has so many people that are accepting the messages that now he doesn't want to leave Tocoa.
My week was great... we killed it in lessons this week again... we had 60... and we had a baptism... well 2... and one fell through, sadly, ugh. But we baptized the family on Sunday... before church. At 7AM so we couldn't pass by for any investigators.  But we went and got some investigators to come to the baptism.
And we passed by the Murillos... and they were already to go.  So we were waiting at the church and they showed up 40 minutes late... but they came!!!  We asked why and its cause riding her bike causes so much pain.   But she came cause she wanted to be baptized and she knew God would bless her,  so she came..  Not tons of people came to the baptism cause it was really early but Pedro and Diller came... and then the Elders  Quorum president came also, but nobody else, except the missionaries.  It was amazing, super spiritual... we had 3 investigators in total at the baptism.
Funny story so on Sunday yesterday, I was on splits with Pedro and we were out visiting and of course a little girl yells to us to ask if we want to talk to her mom.  So I went over and lower myself down to her level,  she's like 4... and my pants ripped from the crotch, right down the middle,  and then her whoollleee family came outside and invited us in.  So we entered into the house and we taught all them.
But in all I know that the Lord has such a big hand in the work... we found 18 people to teach on Saturday. We found them and I know some will get baptized, if we teach them correctly
Did you see or hear things about the Superbowl there in Honduras?
Yes hermano Adan the person we live with told me all about it... ugh man... Seahawks had it.
Are transfers this week?
Yes we find out tomorrow... but we dont have a change meeting anymore.
How are the parasites (I hope better)?
Eh its getting there.
Is it still really rainy?
Somedays but its less and less right now,  we are entering the hot season.
So you were with Pedro last night - what were you doing there?
We were on splits... and all the missionaries slept in the same house yesterday til today.  So he dropped me off there. 

How was your teaching this week?
It was great we taught alot of lessons 60... and had people at church... just alot of miracles honestly. God has a hand in everything.  We found some great families to teach, so I'm really glad about that.
The main thing I've learned is never to contend you need to submit to the way the person wants to be taught... for example this lady yesterday was like attacking us about baptisms for the dead, the book of mormon and all this stuff and was saying none of it is in the bible... so i pulled out my bible and said it is all in here... bring me your bible... and i showed her and her family scriptures that testified of everything we teach... and now she want sto keep listening.

How was church this week?
It was great we had 7 at church.