Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Transfer to Masica - February 9, 15

How was your week?
It was really pretty good!! I long week but a very good week!! Not much to say really, like we baptized the family and we found some super great investigators then........... i got transferred......... there just is no nice way to put it... we literally had everything in my other area... now i have... no dinner or lunch.... we don't have a church building... the assistant is like 30... and my comp and his old comp had 3 investigators.  They had about 6 lessons a week.... and holy cow...... .my new comp has 23 months on his mission... so it's going to be a short change... this area is basically a new area... but nobody has done much so the possibility to baptizie is huge... they just need to search for leaders that can lead the church here in this area... so I'm searching for families of course and priesthood... so that this place can turn into at least a branch so that it can begin to grow.

Did you get transferred?
Yes... im in Masica... its just outside La Ceiba...

If so, where did you get transferred to - the city? how far from the mission home? What is the new city like?
No a small pueblo... we are like 3.5 hours from the mission home... its soo small like we have nothing here our bank is 30 minutes in taxi away... hahaha

Also, if so did you get to tell people good-bye?
No not all but... all the ones I really wanted to yes...

Did you get a new companion?  If so, what is his name?  Where is he from?  How long has he been out?
Elder Guadamuz..... He is from nicaragua.... he has 23 months hes done in march... .

How did your teaching go this week?
Well it was really good! we had 37 lessons and he has 0 when i got here... and one day we were in san pedro getting my foot xrayed and such... I  have tendonidis in my foot so they just gave me some medicine and yeah...

How are the families there?
We got nothing here... we have literally nothing... its a rough area... but it'll be good... we have one good good member shes a returned missionary - shes way good..

Did you get a package this week?  Or maybe two of them were there from us?
Only one and I missed it... we were so close... we almost got them to hrmna y hermono diller... but eh close...