Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We had a baptism this week! Yosseth 9-22-14

Baptizing under the bridge in the River

Huge blisters on my foot! ughh

Trying to shave with a straight razor

How was your week?
 My week was eh... but its getting better!! I dont know its a huge roller coaster out here!!

 Did you have another baptism yesterday?
 Yes of course hahaha jk... Yosseth... Hes 18 we are doing splits with him tomorrow my comp with him… I'm going with Yobani the other boy we baptized... 
Were there problems with the electricity last week?  (It seemed like we weren't getting responses back when we were emailing and then just no more emails)
 Yes... super bad... idk here is super weird electricity just goes out for hours then back on..
Are there transfers next week?
 Yes… We'll see how it goes.
Have you had any meetings where you have had interaction with the mission president & his wife?
 Nope not yet..
How's the weather there?  Rainy how much of the day?
 It is crazy... so it will be perfectly clear for the whole day... then just clouds every where and just pour like pour... all day... its crazy...
How are you feeling about your Spanish?  Understanding?  Speaking?
I'm feeling super good... I get frustrated alot... I understand a ton... and I can get across what I want... but its getting easier... somethings I dont understand... I can teach whole lessons now no problem... but I still need to figure out good questions...
Well Family and Friends - super.... super... fast week... I went on splits with Elder Lopez he's a super great guy... he taught me a lot about how to be patient and how to be a good missionary... how to contact... how to be better.. he's our District leader.. Then I came back and worked with my comp all week-  hard, hard week... Nobody wants our message.. 

My comp and a lady were going at it in a bible discussion... and the lady goes... does your comp even speak or know the gospel… I chuckled... cause they were arguing about how women don't have the priesthood and not everyone has authority.  The lady thinks every person has authority from god.so I said,  "so what your saying is everyone has authority given from god? The lady replied,  "yes"... so I said, "this means every single church on earth is true because every single person has authority from god." The lady was like, "well no!"  I said why?,  because only people who obey the commandments have authority?"
 She said, "ok then". I asked, "then every church that obeys the 10 commandments is true? The lady said, "well… no!"  I said, "exactly". The she got up and left the room... goodness people... I get really frustrated with arguing with people who only want to argue about church and it's not helping us - though I am learning alot about the bible... and I've learned alot about the BOM cause I've read so much. 

We had a baptism this week! Number 3, Woot! And it was Yosseth.  His whole family is interested and he loves the gospel... hes going on splits with us... so I'm stoked... me with yobani and my comp and him... then we meet with his whole family to teach them. We will see. 

I am getting better out here. I love my District!!  - like so much... We dont have tons of investigators ... but we are finding success…   but it was a frustrating Sunday... we had 0 at church... super upsetting... ugh… 

I love you guys!! how are things!

Elder Shepherd

Monday, September 22, 2014

We Give A lot of Blessings and People get Healed 9-15-14

How was your week?
It has been a rough but good week!! I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Lamb and learned what a real mission is like and how to work and contact and such...  He is sooo cool... and such a good missionary… 

And then we had another baptism.. A girl named Yajaira ... That was on saturday.. and it was awesome.. I'll send pics next time.. we had to write at a members cause... 3rd world probs... and NO electricity... and today is Independence Day for all of central america so its crazy... And awesome.. 

Yobani and Yajaira were comfirmed also.. Thats super good.. We have another baptism this week.. And i am super excited. Things are really good though i shave with a straight razor and i have awesome members.. I love Monday Tuesday Saturday and Sunday cause I see Elder Lopez and Elder Lamb..   Ive learned alot out here. I study for an extra half an hour now in the mornings.. 

Did Yobani show up to get confirmed this week?
Yes he did.

Does it rain every day there?
Yes for the most part it does.. 

I am going to put together a Christmas package for you in the next couple of weeks.  What do you want to request for me to put into your Christmas package?

Ok just some things i really need.. I need a book of mormon and a bible  in english separated.. I need alot of ear plugs... i need an English hymn book... ok dad has a water proof bag a blue one that you roll and buckle its like a legit water proof bag.. i need one.. cause it rains... but it doesnt just rain... like the streets are full of water its crazy... umm another journal like the black and grey one…

How are the boots that you bought?
They are really nice i need to buy feet pads for them i've been looking not really today…

Are your clothes and shoes getting trashed with the rainy streets?
Ah... yes... but its ok it happens to everyone..

 Is the lady you were teaching that was going to get baptized still on?
Umm maybe she needs to get married first.. thats one of the main problems here is marriage and stuff.. 

Who else have you been teaching?
This week is Joseph hes 18 and attends church and meets with us alot.. hes really active i hope he does good... idk... then the next week we baptize Mario he doesnt live here he lives in another city but attends church here and we teach him every week.. Then we have Yolani who is the next thats the one needing to be married... we gave her a blessing and she got better.. so its crazy the power we have.. we give alot of blessing and people get healed..

What is your apartment like?  One or two bedrooms?  A twin bed? Washer & Dryer? Kitchen?

We have 3 beds a bunk and another across I sleep on the bottom bunk and he sleeps on the other bed.. We hand wash our dishes.... its bad water so we just have to use a towel to wipe them out after washing with soap... then we have hermana Nunoz do our clothes there is no dryers here and no dish washers.. our house has a small fridge and we go buy water jugs, like 5 gallon ones, and carry them 300 yards to our house..

My first Baptism; 11 of us Crammed into the Nissan X-Terra. 9-8-14

My first Baptism

How was your week?
The week was good!! Crazy!!!!

Did you have baptisms this last week?

Yes yes i did!! Baptized Yobani... the font was broken and no water was coming out... we tried everything... we had a hose in the hall going outside but nothing... we tried it all.. it was pouring outside... so we went to a river and i baptized him in the river under the freeway!! 

If so, how were the baptism or baptisms?  How many people attended?  Who did the baptism?

one and all my district and 2 others smashed in the car... it was crazy!!!!! i baptized…

Did you go buy you some boots last week?

Yes i did...
Is your stomach feeling any better?
Much much better

Are you adjusted to Honduras?

Eh pretty well its super hot... as always.... and the people are crazy…

How's the Spanish going?  Is it coming along better each week?

It gets better each week somedays i understand it all... other days i cant... but it is coming slowly... 

Food?  Are you eating the same?  (I tried to get you to love Mexican food…haha)

Its nothing like mexican food... we eat beans... like refried basically... a tortilla with weird cheese... i dont like... mayonaise stuff... its like sour cream... and avacado... sometimes we have some meat... and rice... pretty basic...

Well family another week down!! In the first 3 months i need to learn what needs to be done... and learn to speak spanish… 

I had my first baptism... it was crazy... a bunch of us crammed into one car... because the font was broken... no water would come out... it was so crazy... we tried everything... we had a hose in it... nothing... we had a huge meeting at 5 and it was 4:15PM... so we didnt think we could do it in time... but we tried... so we all packed into a nissan extera... we had 2 in front 4 in the middle seats and 5 in the trunk... it was pouring rain like a ton... so we drove and drove... until we found a spot in the river deep enough... we drove under a freeway and we parked... then we got out changed and baptized... it was great... so great… 

The weeks are going by fast already… I had splits also... i went with elder Nacimba from Ecuador... we taught some people and one person knew english... happy day... happy day... and I slept... well didnt sleep... just layed there for the night then came back... i love the people here... also my mom out her is Irina Nunoz... she is the one mom!! Shes great...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8-2-14 I've been Super Sick, Life is alright, That is What Counts

Me with a Monkey I picked up. Cool

Trujillo Beach.. So pretty

Me with Elder Garcia and ElderLamb

Me in Water, Typical, and our apartment, yes it's pink.

Me with my Comp Elder Miranda

How was your week?
It was pretty good.. the days are long the weeks are really short... its nice... today was sweet...
Are your baptisms still on?
Yes we have a bunch coming up!! like 5! I'm stoked
Is there any other investigators progressing?
We have a few more when we go knock on doors...
You answered you have lost some weight. Did you not eat or stress so much you lost weight or what? How big are your clothes on you?
Ummm stress and I've been sick and not eaten much... but I'm good my clothes are fine...

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
No breakfast... lunch we have a cook usually tortilla beans and cheese and avacado same for dinner....

Do you make your own food most meals or get fed by people?
We get fed most of the time, if not we eat at a little restraunt or something... but usually members...
Have you had to talk at church?
Luckily no we have a lot of people here....
How many people are in your branch/ward at church?
125 about every week including investigators... but it fluctuates...
Did you find out the name of the lady that is like your mom there?
mmm no I didn't.... but shes awesome!! she gave me medicine which helped me!! I've gone 2 alot down here alot.... alot... its horrible...
Is there lots of fruit?
Yes but we haven't ate any... sadly......…

What are the houses, streets and city like?
We walk in dirt roads in my city... only dirt roads... we have alot of people here though and thats way nice... our part of the city is like stick shacks and then some homes that are pretty nice.. and the city is crazy... people pee everywhere and there is piles of garbage holy cow... then the garbage is just lit of fire... and dogs are everywhere... homeless and people just beat them... its sad.

Well family,  life is alright… I'm alive... thats what counts… I've been suppppeeerrr sick... #2 mucho.... hahaha.... but its all good... hiking in water up to my knees... teaching investigators... lifes good... Living the life of a missionary... helping the people... People just breastfeeding in the middle of lessons like no big deal... thats a weird one... Monkeys.... Life is good… it's hard to get use to... learning spanish... other then that its good... I love my Zone Leader Elder Lamb he's so sweet - we talked a ton... and life is great... people are so nice only problem is we can get into every home but they all don't want to listen... oh well... our investigator this saturday is Yobani he's 18 and will be baptized this week... we have a lady we taught the whole first lesson and gave a BOM to and thats way unusual Rosita lets hope she progresses... and a man named Pedro he has one arm hes getting baptized if we can get him to church one more time... his boss doesn't let him have work off that often... we will see.. hmmm and thats about it...

Love Elder Shepherd

The beach is sweet.
Yes I'll send you pics of the baptism... and the church building soon... you guys could google earth it and where I live... if you find a soccer field on google earth in Tocoa... not the really nice one just a small one with no walls just a fence... my house is right accross a pink one…
CHECK OUT MY SHOWER: NOT, just a bucket:

Monday, September 8, 2014

I Made It To HONDURAS!! WOOT! WOOT! 8-25-14

How was your week, or the last 2 weeks?
Its pretty good!! its super super super super hot!!
How was you flight to Honduras?
it was short and scary... i was soooo nervous!!!!
How is you apartment in Honduras?
its really good!! we go running across the street every morning across the street and its cool... and then our apartment has ac!!!!! woot woot!
What is your companion's name?  Where is your companion from?  Tell me about your companion.
Elder Miranda... Guatemala... We joke around alot ... we have 2 baptisms coming up ! not next week but the next!! 
How many Elders are in your apartment?
just me and him...
How are you adjusting to Honduras?
I love it here... so much better the mtc... so much... but its sooo hot... so hot... the people are awesome... 
How are the people in your area?
They are awesome.... they are crazy though…some people lay in hammocks and sleep all day... umm they all love talkiing though..
What is the name of the city you are in?
Tocoa... if you go online you could find my house probably...
How was church in your branch Sunday?
It was way awesome.. I understand alot but only the members.. nobody else... its aweesome... but I cant speak a ton yet....
What do you think of your mission President and his wife?
idk didnt talk to them much they seem really nice though...
Did you get any letters before you left the MTC?
I got 3 letters but thats it.... 
Have you gotten any letters or packages in Honduras?  If yes, from who?
Is there anything you want me to send you in a package?
Umm if only a backpack hahahaha no... maybe some talks... The Pavillion by Pres Eyring... ummm hmmm
Did you have to pay for your bags at the airport (for weight)?
Have you spent any on your debit card that I need to deposit?
yes i bought a new watch for like a tiny bit of money... 1 dollar here is 20 down here...
Have you seen Connor Roberts there in Honduras?

And yes ive lost some weight hahaha... but its all good... i love the members here they are so warm... they are the best... and one of them is like my mom here hahaha no idea her name though... and my spanish i understand and stuff... not the investigators... but i understand much more... and we have 2 baptisms coming up and im so excited... I gave a blessing in spanish a healing blessing to a little girl that was difficult... but she is getting better.

Guatemala MTC Week 5 - I Placed a Book of Mormon

How was your week?
It was good!! I placed a bom on the street and she seemed so interested.. she asked where the church was... we didnt know... so we got her phone number and address and told her the missionarys would take her and teach her.
How did you do at the underground market last week?
it was crazy awesome... huge... huge... culture shock... but so good... like people are  soooo... so nice...
Were you able to communicate with the vendors at the shops?
eh... only a little bit.... they slur and dont pronounce well...
What did you buy?
i didnt get anything cause i wont have room in my suit case....
Did you use the Guatemalan money that I sent you with?
yes i used all of it at Wendys... soooooo goooooddd.
Do you go over the the MTC for the day and just sleep at your apartment?
yes thats correct...
How many of you leave next week for Honduras?
All of my district thats it... and 2 latinos....
How is your Spanish going after another week?
My spanish... i understand like everything and can teach any lesson really in spanish... just i cant express what i want to say…but it will come!

Guatemala MTC Week 4

How is the week going?
Its was really good... except today.... i placed a book of mormon... no address though... sadly... but it has been really good today... i will have my next pday on Tuesday or Wednesday..
Is your P-Day today?
no... but tomorrow for pday we are going out into the city to explore... so we email today...
How is the apartment?
its really good except for the washer and dryer we only have one... so lame.... then we get to go out of the mtc which is so nice...
Do you go to the temple today or not till another day this week?
no tomorrow then we leave for the city... and do some stuff.. we get to go to a market.... thats sweet and buy some things...
How's you Spanish coming along?
its coming along alot alot better... like so much better...
Ok well most of the week was very very good!! Today has been a struggle... im sooooo nervous for Honduras.... But i finished the gospel of Christ in less then 2 weeks... man thats crazy... it was so good...   luke 22... was just so hard to read... i don't understand how you could betray Christ or hit or do any of the things they did to him…I'm nervous but getting excited at the same time to go to Honduras. 

Guatemala MTC Week 3

Q - How was you week?   Finally things have picked up... goodness.. umm I've fallen to my knees alot…Elder Lessard has helped alot... I love this gospel. 
Q - Did you move into an apartment?  If not, will you and when? Yes we did.... go to google maps and look right behind the temple we are in the first house... its pretty nice... small rooms but I am getting close to people - I love elder Lessard.
Q - Did you go to the temple today? Yes we go every pday... thats nice 
Q - Have you gotten any letters yet? Nope... not one
Q - Do you get new missionaries this week? Yes we get them last week... Trent Garns cousin Jace Parkinson is here… I talk to him alot... and Landon Ward... alot
Q - Are the other missionaries adjusting better?  Are their attitudes adjusting to be more positive? Yes we all are... They are trying there best... They all always sit down and chat with me. 
Q - Do you do much with other missionaries from different districts? Yes we do alot.... we practice teaching the latino districts... and we sleep with some other district.
How's the language coming?   Better... not amazing... I can communicate with the latinos well.. I understand alot alot alot more then I can speak
Q - How are all the other guys doing in your room?  In your district? We are doing way good now. 
Have some of the missionaries left for the field or is that later on in the week? Yes every 2 weeks a group leaves... then a big group comes in the next day... so we keep getting more full...
Can you open a picture or attachment if I send one?

Guatemala MTC Week 2

Q - How did your second week in Guatemala go?  Are you adjusting a little more?
 It was so good until Sunday... like so good... spiritual high... I tried to help everyone out.  I was a little homesick Sunday. Today was really good... Im starting to adjust... a little bit... not alot... it'll come though... im working hard.. down time is the hardest..
Q - Will you be in the trio companionship the rest of the MTC time?
 Yes I will. 
Q - Do you just play basketball for gym time? Or what do you do for your gym time?
 I play basketball.... we play 5 on 5... I was draining shots the other day it was sweet... then we did 3 on 3 tournaments... that was way fun.
Q - How did your luggage hold up getting there to Guatemala?
 Perfect... not even an issue… (Samsonite)
Q - Do you go to the Temple there in Guatemala? If so, do they let you use the headset to listen in English?  
 Yes we walk there its just around the corner... yes... for the first time we did.. the next time we did and english session that was cool... 
Q - What is the weather like?  Do you have air conditioning in the MTC?
 The weather is perfect... spring year round... rains sometimes but like a ton of it... warm mostly... our rooms are hot... but the rest of the mtc is air conditioned... thats always good.
Q - Do you do your laundry on your P-Day?  Is there laundry soap and stuff there?
 We do it basically whenever we want... we have washer and driars with stuff in them.. they are really nice... and they come with soap and stuff.... and if I hurry I dont have to iron.
Q - Did all the Elders come with lots of treats from home?  Do you guys share that stuff?
 No only me hahahaha.... so I eat in front of them... and share a little... but its really good... thanks for the treats everyone is jealous.
Q - Do you get to go out into the city at all?  If so, what do you do out in the city?
 We went to the market and in 2 weeks we get to go to like a huge black market thing and then we get to go and explore the city in 3 weeks... We have guys with shotguns outside... and across the street at shops there are guys with shotguns... people drive like maniacs also... wow its so different.

Guatemala MTC Week One

Q - How was you first week in Guatemala?  July 9, 2014
 It was way hard. my companion left already. He went home after one day. It's been difficult but I
like the power of the holy ghost and Christ is real. My testimony is
strong... and i feel His power... His comfort...

Q - How is the MTC - Bedrooms, gym facility, cafeteria, food, etc?
The bedrooms have 8 in my room.. 8 in my district... well 7... im in
a trio now. One of the comps is the funniest kid ever...
the gym is way nice 2 basketball courts... its sweet.. food is so good
I don't eat much... i don't sleep well yet.. but I sleep with my
earplugs in alot.. on weekends there is like a bar and a club across the street and they
blast american music so thats sweet except... at 1 in the morning..

Q - Who is your Companion?  Where is he from?  Where is he going to after the MTC?
He was from Idaho... now I have one from Washington and one from....
Virginia... Elder keller and Elder Gibbons, he is
hilarious...  my whole district is going to Honduras San Pedro Sula East... and 5
others are.. I love my roomates.. Tell Cole Combe that Elder Bell is
my good friend now.. 

Q - How many missionaries are in your group?
8 in a district.. 

Q- How many are in a bedroom?
8… I love them but 3 leave next week and 2 are my comps and the
other 2 are awesome.. a huge so moan. he is awesome and keeps me calm...

Q- Are you making some new friends?  Where are they from and what are
their interests?
Yes I am.. they are my comps... and one is from Houston Elder
Parker... the ones in my room one is elder Shoemaker he swims he goes
a 47 in the 100 free... and a 50 in the 100 fly... my comp elder
Gibbons is in a band and is good at sports we get along really well..
Elder Lassard is sweet he plays rugby for byu... and Elder Saunders is

Q - How are you doing with all the changes (new place, new people, no
phone or Xbox, etc.)?
eh the new place is hard and new people.... i don't know why
really.... no phone or xbox is easy.. It's hard to change the environment so much all at once.

Q - What day is you P-Day?
switches between Tuesday and Wednesday...