Monday, September 8, 2014

Guatemala MTC Week 5 - I Placed a Book of Mormon

How was your week?
It was good!! I placed a bom on the street and she seemed so interested.. she asked where the church was... we didnt know... so we got her phone number and address and told her the missionarys would take her and teach her.
How did you do at the underground market last week?
it was crazy awesome... huge... huge... culture shock... but so good... like people are  soooo... so nice...
Were you able to communicate with the vendors at the shops?
eh... only a little bit.... they slur and dont pronounce well...
What did you buy?
i didnt get anything cause i wont have room in my suit case....
Did you use the Guatemalan money that I sent you with?
yes i used all of it at Wendys... soooooo goooooddd.
Do you go over the the MTC for the day and just sleep at your apartment?
yes thats correct...
How many of you leave next week for Honduras?
All of my district thats it... and 2 latinos....
How is your Spanish going after another week?
My spanish... i understand like everything and can teach any lesson really in spanish... just i cant express what i want to say…but it will come!

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