Monday, September 8, 2014

I Made It To HONDURAS!! WOOT! WOOT! 8-25-14

How was your week, or the last 2 weeks?
Its pretty good!! its super super super super hot!!
How was you flight to Honduras?
it was short and scary... i was soooo nervous!!!!
How is you apartment in Honduras?
its really good!! we go running across the street every morning across the street and its cool... and then our apartment has ac!!!!! woot woot!
What is your companion's name?  Where is your companion from?  Tell me about your companion.
Elder Miranda... Guatemala... We joke around alot ... we have 2 baptisms coming up ! not next week but the next!! 
How many Elders are in your apartment?
just me and him...
How are you adjusting to Honduras?
I love it here... so much better the mtc... so much... but its sooo hot... so hot... the people are awesome... 
How are the people in your area?
They are awesome.... they are crazy though…some people lay in hammocks and sleep all day... umm they all love talkiing though..
What is the name of the city you are in?
Tocoa... if you go online you could find my house probably...
How was church in your branch Sunday?
It was way awesome.. I understand alot but only the members.. nobody else... its aweesome... but I cant speak a ton yet....
What do you think of your mission President and his wife?
idk didnt talk to them much they seem really nice though...
Did you get any letters before you left the MTC?
I got 3 letters but thats it.... 
Have you gotten any letters or packages in Honduras?  If yes, from who?
Is there anything you want me to send you in a package?
Umm if only a backpack hahahaha no... maybe some talks... The Pavillion by Pres Eyring... ummm hmmm
Did you have to pay for your bags at the airport (for weight)?
Have you spent any on your debit card that I need to deposit?
yes i bought a new watch for like a tiny bit of money... 1 dollar here is 20 down here...
Have you seen Connor Roberts there in Honduras?

And yes ive lost some weight hahaha... but its all good... i love the members here they are so warm... they are the best... and one of them is like my mom here hahaha no idea her name though... and my spanish i understand and stuff... not the investigators... but i understand much more... and we have 2 baptisms coming up and im so excited... I gave a blessing in spanish a healing blessing to a little girl that was difficult... but she is getting better.

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