Monday, September 8, 2014

Guatemala MTC Week One

Q - How was you first week in Guatemala?  July 9, 2014
 It was way hard. my companion left already. He went home after one day. It's been difficult but I
like the power of the holy ghost and Christ is real. My testimony is
strong... and i feel His power... His comfort...

Q - How is the MTC - Bedrooms, gym facility, cafeteria, food, etc?
The bedrooms have 8 in my room.. 8 in my district... well 7... im in
a trio now. One of the comps is the funniest kid ever...
the gym is way nice 2 basketball courts... its sweet.. food is so good
I don't eat much... i don't sleep well yet.. but I sleep with my
earplugs in alot.. on weekends there is like a bar and a club across the street and they
blast american music so thats sweet except... at 1 in the morning..

Q - Who is your Companion?  Where is he from?  Where is he going to after the MTC?
He was from Idaho... now I have one from Washington and one from....
Virginia... Elder keller and Elder Gibbons, he is
hilarious...  my whole district is going to Honduras San Pedro Sula East... and 5
others are.. I love my roomates.. Tell Cole Combe that Elder Bell is
my good friend now.. 

Q - How many missionaries are in your group?
8 in a district.. 

Q- How many are in a bedroom?
8… I love them but 3 leave next week and 2 are my comps and the
other 2 are awesome.. a huge so moan. he is awesome and keeps me calm...

Q- Are you making some new friends?  Where are they from and what are
their interests?
Yes I am.. they are my comps... and one is from Houston Elder
Parker... the ones in my room one is elder Shoemaker he swims he goes
a 47 in the 100 free... and a 50 in the 100 fly... my comp elder
Gibbons is in a band and is good at sports we get along really well..
Elder Lassard is sweet he plays rugby for byu... and Elder Saunders is

Q - How are you doing with all the changes (new place, new people, no
phone or Xbox, etc.)?
eh the new place is hard and new people.... i don't know why
really.... no phone or xbox is easy.. It's hard to change the environment so much all at once.

Q - What day is you P-Day?
switches between Tuesday and Wednesday...

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