Monday, September 22, 2014

We Give A lot of Blessings and People get Healed 9-15-14

How was your week?
It has been a rough but good week!! I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Lamb and learned what a real mission is like and how to work and contact and such...  He is sooo cool... and such a good missionary… 

And then we had another baptism.. A girl named Yajaira ... That was on saturday.. and it was awesome.. I'll send pics next time.. we had to write at a members cause... 3rd world probs... and NO electricity... and today is Independence Day for all of central america so its crazy... And awesome.. 

Yobani and Yajaira were comfirmed also.. Thats super good.. We have another baptism this week.. And i am super excited. Things are really good though i shave with a straight razor and i have awesome members.. I love Monday Tuesday Saturday and Sunday cause I see Elder Lopez and Elder Lamb..   Ive learned alot out here. I study for an extra half an hour now in the mornings.. 

Did Yobani show up to get confirmed this week?
Yes he did.

Does it rain every day there?
Yes for the most part it does.. 

I am going to put together a Christmas package for you in the next couple of weeks.  What do you want to request for me to put into your Christmas package?

Ok just some things i really need.. I need a book of mormon and a bible  in english separated.. I need alot of ear plugs... i need an English hymn book... ok dad has a water proof bag a blue one that you roll and buckle its like a legit water proof bag.. i need one.. cause it rains... but it doesnt just rain... like the streets are full of water its crazy... umm another journal like the black and grey one…

How are the boots that you bought?
They are really nice i need to buy feet pads for them i've been looking not really today…

Are your clothes and shoes getting trashed with the rainy streets?
Ah... yes... but its ok it happens to everyone..

 Is the lady you were teaching that was going to get baptized still on?
Umm maybe she needs to get married first.. thats one of the main problems here is marriage and stuff.. 

Who else have you been teaching?
This week is Joseph hes 18 and attends church and meets with us alot.. hes really active i hope he does good... idk... then the next week we baptize Mario he doesnt live here he lives in another city but attends church here and we teach him every week.. Then we have Yolani who is the next thats the one needing to be married... we gave her a blessing and she got better.. so its crazy the power we have.. we give alot of blessing and people get healed..

What is your apartment like?  One or two bedrooms?  A twin bed? Washer & Dryer? Kitchen?

We have 3 beds a bunk and another across I sleep on the bottom bunk and he sleeps on the other bed.. We hand wash our dishes.... its bad water so we just have to use a towel to wipe them out after washing with soap... then we have hermana Nunoz do our clothes there is no dryers here and no dish washers.. our house has a small fridge and we go buy water jugs, like 5 gallon ones, and carry them 300 yards to our house..

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