Friday, October 24, 2014

GRILLED IGUANA in Tocoa!!! 10/20/14

How was your week?
My week was good... super frustrating... one girl we were  teaching we found out she doesnt want to be baptized... and the worst part is the littler kids I will never see again.. this is the first time I've felt super sad but happy... I literally have learned to love the people so much. that I felt sad about it.  It was rough.

How is the weather there now?  Is it cooling down?  How cold is it supposed to get during the winter there?
Hahaha you guys… it's Honduras... siempre hot... just more or less humid... lol....

Are there any American fast food places in the town that you are at?
Only one place… Wendy's and we only have ate there one time. Sooo good, but only there.

Do a lot of the little kids come play with you?
Yes... the kids idk why they love me.  lol... hahaha...

Did the lady that was mad about her kids coming home wet and late get over it and let the kids come to church?
Well yes... but as I explained above. ugh....

Is the baptism that was probably happening still a go?
Yes.... luckily. 

What is the city like Tocoa?
In my area its all dirt roads, so in the city Tocoa it's a huge center its called the Centro and all the things you need are here then out from there is poor everything is about the same for most of it but in the mountains and stuff where I serve is really really poor where they have stick and mud houses. But it doesn't bother me cause the people are so happy... and the gospel really blesses there lives...

Everyone has a tv and a radio.  Everyone watches soccer all day, so that's about all there is to it.

The Centro is just like shops like when we visited Mexico - just shops of everything,  and food and internet.  Then out from there there is pulperias which sells food and snacks like every other house. And the rest of the houses are churches lol... and out from the Centro is just normal houses of concrete. Then out from all that is super poor.

Are kids playing soccer everywhere like I've mentioned in Brazil? 
Yes on the street and on the soccer field in front of our house.

Is that Iguana on the grill?
yes it is.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Taught 46 Lessons this Week 10-13-14

How was your week?
It was a good week! But a very difficult one.
How's your health?  Are you doing good with your stomach?  Blisters?
My health is good! right now a little sick idk why... probably alot of rain... and my blisters i dont really have any right now...

How are your baptisms coming along?
Ugh............ we have one on track now,  we had so many but now one on track. The people we teach must attend church 3 times before baptism... and a bunch couldnt go yesterday… One, her name is Betsabe we brought her to the zone leaders baptism it was at 6 at night... it was pouring rain... and we had little kids with us... idk why but little kids love me?  I had 4 holding my hand while we walked home when it was dumping rain. The mom got sooooo mad at us cause we were late and her kids were wet so she said they couldnt go to church.  We don't know if that means for good or what... the other kids parents are members who went. He couldn't go to church that day either. Such a frustrating week... goodness... everything fell through.... man life here is a struggle right now.

Have you gotten any families you are teaching that need to be married?  Have you had to work on marriage for some?  (I know that Connor has had to help some of his converts married and so did Carson, so you may want to study up on what they have to do)
Um we have one for november 12 is the goal... the husband really wants to but the wife eh... well i wish but my comp drops every person who isnt married... so.... great... we don't...

If I send you a big flash drive, could you copy your SD card onto it and mail me your SD card?  

Yes i can do that..

Dad, Wow both emails were really awesome!! President Eyring man!! So humbling... being in the presence of a prophet I'm guessing you could just feel the spirit so strongly - man crazy - and the reunion con su mission friends is super awesome. Man that'll be me after this... super crazy to think about...

How are your families that you are teaching?
The families we are teaching are eh...  we usually only teach one person... even if a whole family is present I try to bring get attention but my companion prefers to teach just individuals ... We are teaching alot of people we taught 46 lessons this week. I hit on a ton of doors. I really have been working my guts out... but im trying so hard and we arent having much success...we have about 30 investiagors now so thats super nice.
Can you take more pictures and send them along or is it dangerous or whatever?
Yes I forgot my adaptor today... its hard to take pictures cause its dangerous and stuff.. so I take them when I can... but I will send some more I promise.
I'm glad your callouses are built up so you are doing better with blisters.  Do you wear tennis shoes to work in?
Yes im super glad also... they are doing much better. Yes. I wear them.  The only problem is when it starts pouring rain, my shoes get ruined,  life of honduras.
Is there a bishop in the ward that you are in or is it a branch?
It's a branch. We have a branch president.  
Do any members have cars?
We do... but only 3ish... and they can't help us take people really cause they don't want to or they can't. So we need to teach people with cars.  The only problem is literally everyone goes to a church... there are probably 1,000 churches in my area.
Are there any americans that live/work there?
Umm not really... solo personas I have talked to is people that have been deported.... hahaha... they tell me about it all the time.
Have you talked to missionaries that have worked on Roaton?  What do they say about it?
Yes I have... they like it a lot at first... but then they said its kinda lonely you see the same people everyday, nothing changes.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Gift of Tongues is so Real 10-6-14

How was your week?
 My week was great!! As usual! This week was really hard though. This guy in our ward helps me alot... his name is Diller... he is such a big help and I talk to him a ton on what to do... he just gives great advice... and I've learned how to be a great missionary from him and from going on divisions.  

The gift of tongues is so real.  When I really have the spirit with me I literally can speak and understand Spanish for the most part.  if its not with me its a wreck. But really its been a good week. Its hard and God's preparing me ... to help other people.  Because really I've learned alot here... maybe not the best way to learn things but I have been learning them..
How are your families progressing?
Eh... we have probably 5 baptisms this month with dates... so im excited for that... they are all teenagers though... and I really think we need to start focusing more on families. 
Did you know that this transfer coming up is for just 4 weeks (that is what Judy Roberts said)? 
Yes this is true. So lets hope I learn what God needs me to learn.  I've really learned so much here from Him, and really this is preparing me in different ways. Mission is not all about baptizing… it's for ourselves too. To learn to live with someone, learn many things,  how to communicate, so much.
 Is the weather cooling off there?
 Umm no not really Tocoa,  the place of dust, heat, rain, Welcome to Tocoa.  Today we hiked to a waterfall though!! Super sweet!!. Man it was awesome!

Did you get to see conference?
Yes. I learned so much, alot about the prophet.  I thought he was gonna say something super important... well he did obviously but like super. Alot about the Fasting and Tithing.  Because we need to give to the poor, it's crazy because I have been reading scriptures a ton about this, and wow.  Elder Holland blew it away. 

We had 12 People to Church - 9-29-14

Apt in Tocoa

Churchhouse in Tocoa

How was your week?
It was pretty great! The best day this week was the day I went on divisions with Geovani! My spanish was so good! I found a family of 4 and they came to church and are really interested in our message.  I can do most of it all on my own now... Its been super great. I really love this gospel.   

We had 12 people at church this week. We did work this week. and we met our needs finally of 35 lessons this week… that's the goal. so we met it, but we can do more.  Things are going good I contact by myself alot... and find people in the street... I talk on the phone with investigators, my spanish is starting to come.
Did you have any baptisms this week?
No mario hasnt been at church for a while... we dont know where he lives either... so we cant teach him unless he's at church, so we are trying.
How are the families of the 3 that you baptized doing?  Are they taking the discussions from you?
They are doing well! Geovanis family isnt interested but thats ok... then yajaira isn't either.  And after her, the Yosseth family is but we didnt get to teach, because they were gone. 

How many times a week do you get fed by members?
Everyday usually... if not I eat cereal and my comp buys food off the street. 

Did you say that a lady does your laundry?  If so, how much do you have to pay her to do your laundry?
yes. 50 limpiaras.
How is your bed there?  Pillow?
Eh. Its not bad, I have 2 pillows I bought one,  cause at 4 am every morning the roosters that are next door decide to wake everyone.
What is your church building like?  How many people will fit in your chapel?
Its huge! 2 story, AC,  It's nice. 150 could fit, maybe we havent filled it yet; close but no. See Pic above

Did you get you new shoes?  If so, how good are they?  How much did they cost?
Eh I bought to pairs of tennis shoes to wear,  75 bucks.... so we will see, I think they are good... 

What made you start using a straight edge razor?
Well its super awesome haha Idk I've always wanted to.
What does that fruit taste like, pandera? 
It was sweet I've only had it once it is fuzzy like a apricot and tastes... idk its weird... sweet like just sweet. creamy sweet not sour at all.
How many discussions are you teaching each week? 
Well I've been pushing for 40 but my comp is fine with 30 to 35 my goal by the end of my mission to average like 45 a week.  Super big goal but I can do it.
How is your heel? Healing up, still open wound? 
Eh, I got an in grown toe nail which is healing this week... and the blister is calloused now luckily, finally.  So its coming along.
Are your shoes/Boots helping the blister situation?
I wear tennis shoes now they help quite a bit im searching for a really good pair of goma shoes.

Any new families to teach? 
This week we found 4 people to teach and they all came to church and I'm hoping they progress the work here is super hard cause there is like 1000 churches. I really want to find a family to teach.  So bad, like a family of 5+