Friday, October 10, 2014

The Gift of Tongues is so Real 10-6-14

How was your week?
 My week was great!! As usual! This week was really hard though. This guy in our ward helps me alot... his name is Diller... he is such a big help and I talk to him a ton on what to do... he just gives great advice... and I've learned how to be a great missionary from him and from going on divisions.  

The gift of tongues is so real.  When I really have the spirit with me I literally can speak and understand Spanish for the most part.  if its not with me its a wreck. But really its been a good week. Its hard and God's preparing me ... to help other people.  Because really I've learned alot here... maybe not the best way to learn things but I have been learning them..
How are your families progressing?
Eh... we have probably 5 baptisms this month with dates... so im excited for that... they are all teenagers though... and I really think we need to start focusing more on families. 
Did you know that this transfer coming up is for just 4 weeks (that is what Judy Roberts said)? 
Yes this is true. So lets hope I learn what God needs me to learn.  I've really learned so much here from Him, and really this is preparing me in different ways. Mission is not all about baptizing… it's for ourselves too. To learn to live with someone, learn many things,  how to communicate, so much.
 Is the weather cooling off there?
 Umm no not really Tocoa,  the place of dust, heat, rain, Welcome to Tocoa.  Today we hiked to a waterfall though!! Super sweet!!. Man it was awesome!

Did you get to see conference?
Yes. I learned so much, alot about the prophet.  I thought he was gonna say something super important... well he did obviously but like super. Alot about the Fasting and Tithing.  Because we need to give to the poor, it's crazy because I have been reading scriptures a ton about this, and wow.  Elder Holland blew it away. 

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