Friday, October 24, 2014

GRILLED IGUANA in Tocoa!!! 10/20/14

How was your week?
My week was good... super frustrating... one girl we were  teaching we found out she doesnt want to be baptized... and the worst part is the littler kids I will never see again.. this is the first time I've felt super sad but happy... I literally have learned to love the people so much. that I felt sad about it.  It was rough.

How is the weather there now?  Is it cooling down?  How cold is it supposed to get during the winter there?
Hahaha you guys… it's Honduras... siempre hot... just more or less humid... lol....

Are there any American fast food places in the town that you are at?
Only one place… Wendy's and we only have ate there one time. Sooo good, but only there.

Do a lot of the little kids come play with you?
Yes... the kids idk why they love me.  lol... hahaha...

Did the lady that was mad about her kids coming home wet and late get over it and let the kids come to church?
Well yes... but as I explained above. ugh....

Is the baptism that was probably happening still a go?
Yes.... luckily. 

What is the city like Tocoa?
In my area its all dirt roads, so in the city Tocoa it's a huge center its called the Centro and all the things you need are here then out from there is poor everything is about the same for most of it but in the mountains and stuff where I serve is really really poor where they have stick and mud houses. But it doesn't bother me cause the people are so happy... and the gospel really blesses there lives...

Everyone has a tv and a radio.  Everyone watches soccer all day, so that's about all there is to it.

The Centro is just like shops like when we visited Mexico - just shops of everything,  and food and internet.  Then out from there there is pulperias which sells food and snacks like every other house. And the rest of the houses are churches lol... and out from the Centro is just normal houses of concrete. Then out from all that is super poor.

Are kids playing soccer everywhere like I've mentioned in Brazil? 
Yes on the street and on the soccer field in front of our house.

Is that Iguana on the grill?
yes it is.  

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