Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Taught 46 Lessons this Week 10-13-14

How was your week?
It was a good week! But a very difficult one.
How's your health?  Are you doing good with your stomach?  Blisters?
My health is good! right now a little sick idk why... probably alot of rain... and my blisters i dont really have any right now...

How are your baptisms coming along?
Ugh............ we have one on track now,  we had so many but now one on track. The people we teach must attend church 3 times before baptism... and a bunch couldnt go yesterday… One, her name is Betsabe we brought her to the zone leaders baptism it was at 6 at night... it was pouring rain... and we had little kids with us... idk why but little kids love me?  I had 4 holding my hand while we walked home when it was dumping rain. The mom got sooooo mad at us cause we were late and her kids were wet so she said they couldnt go to church.  We don't know if that means for good or what... the other kids parents are members who went. He couldn't go to church that day either. Such a frustrating week... goodness... everything fell through.... man life here is a struggle right now.

Have you gotten any families you are teaching that need to be married?  Have you had to work on marriage for some?  (I know that Connor has had to help some of his converts married and so did Carson, so you may want to study up on what they have to do)
Um we have one for november 12 is the goal... the husband really wants to but the wife eh... well i wish but my comp drops every person who isnt married... so.... great... we don't...

If I send you a big flash drive, could you copy your SD card onto it and mail me your SD card?  

Yes i can do that..

Dad, Wow both emails were really awesome!! President Eyring man!! So humbling... being in the presence of a prophet I'm guessing you could just feel the spirit so strongly - man crazy - and the reunion con su mission friends is super awesome. Man that'll be me after this... super crazy to think about...

How are your families that you are teaching?
The families we are teaching are eh...  we usually only teach one person... even if a whole family is present I try to bring get attention but my companion prefers to teach just individuals ... We are teaching alot of people we taught 46 lessons this week. I hit on a ton of doors. I really have been working my guts out... but im trying so hard and we arent having much success...we have about 30 investiagors now so thats super nice.
Can you take more pictures and send them along or is it dangerous or whatever?
Yes I forgot my adaptor today... its hard to take pictures cause its dangerous and stuff.. so I take them when I can... but I will send some more I promise.
I'm glad your callouses are built up so you are doing better with blisters.  Do you wear tennis shoes to work in?
Yes im super glad also... they are doing much better. Yes. I wear them.  The only problem is when it starts pouring rain, my shoes get ruined,  life of honduras.
Is there a bishop in the ward that you are in or is it a branch?
It's a branch. We have a branch president.  
Do any members have cars?
We do... but only 3ish... and they can't help us take people really cause they don't want to or they can't. So we need to teach people with cars.  The only problem is literally everyone goes to a church... there are probably 1,000 churches in my area.
Are there any americans that live/work there?
Umm not really... solo personas I have talked to is people that have been deported.... hahaha... they tell me about it all the time.
Have you talked to missionaries that have worked on Roaton?  What do they say about it?
Yes I have... they like it a lot at first... but then they said its kinda lonely you see the same people everyday, nothing changes.

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