Monday, September 8, 2014

Guatemala MTC Week 3

Q - How was you week?   Finally things have picked up... goodness.. umm I've fallen to my knees alot…Elder Lessard has helped alot... I love this gospel. 
Q - Did you move into an apartment?  If not, will you and when? Yes we did.... go to google maps and look right behind the temple we are in the first house... its pretty nice... small rooms but I am getting close to people - I love elder Lessard.
Q - Did you go to the temple today? Yes we go every pday... thats nice 
Q - Have you gotten any letters yet? Nope... not one
Q - Do you get new missionaries this week? Yes we get them last week... Trent Garns cousin Jace Parkinson is here… I talk to him alot... and Landon Ward... alot
Q - Are the other missionaries adjusting better?  Are their attitudes adjusting to be more positive? Yes we all are... They are trying there best... They all always sit down and chat with me. 
Q - Do you do much with other missionaries from different districts? Yes we do alot.... we practice teaching the latino districts... and we sleep with some other district.
How's the language coming?   Better... not amazing... I can communicate with the latinos well.. I understand alot alot alot more then I can speak
Q - How are all the other guys doing in your room?  In your district? We are doing way good now. 
Have some of the missionaries left for the field or is that later on in the week? Yes every 2 weeks a group leaves... then a big group comes in the next day... so we keep getting more full...
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