Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We had a baptism this week! Yosseth 9-22-14

Baptizing under the bridge in the River

Huge blisters on my foot! ughh

Trying to shave with a straight razor

How was your week?
 My week was eh... but its getting better!! I dont know its a huge roller coaster out here!!

 Did you have another baptism yesterday?
 Yes of course hahaha jk... Yosseth... Hes 18 we are doing splits with him tomorrow my comp with him… I'm going with Yobani the other boy we baptized... 
Were there problems with the electricity last week?  (It seemed like we weren't getting responses back when we were emailing and then just no more emails)
 Yes... super bad... idk here is super weird electricity just goes out for hours then back on..
Are there transfers next week?
 Yes… We'll see how it goes.
Have you had any meetings where you have had interaction with the mission president & his wife?
 Nope not yet..
How's the weather there?  Rainy how much of the day?
 It is crazy... so it will be perfectly clear for the whole day... then just clouds every where and just pour like pour... all day... its crazy...
How are you feeling about your Spanish?  Understanding?  Speaking?
I'm feeling super good... I get frustrated alot... I understand a ton... and I can get across what I want... but its getting easier... somethings I dont understand... I can teach whole lessons now no problem... but I still need to figure out good questions...
Well Family and Friends - super.... super... fast week... I went on splits with Elder Lopez he's a super great guy... he taught me a lot about how to be patient and how to be a good missionary... how to contact... how to be better.. he's our District leader.. Then I came back and worked with my comp all week-  hard, hard week... Nobody wants our message.. 

My comp and a lady were going at it in a bible discussion... and the lady goes... does your comp even speak or know the gospel… I chuckled... cause they were arguing about how women don't have the priesthood and not everyone has authority.  The lady thinks every person has authority from god.so I said,  "so what your saying is everyone has authority given from god? The lady replied,  "yes"... so I said, "this means every single church on earth is true because every single person has authority from god." The lady was like, "well no!"  I said why?,  because only people who obey the commandments have authority?"
 She said, "ok then". I asked, "then every church that obeys the 10 commandments is true? The lady said, "well… no!"  I said, "exactly". The she got up and left the room... goodness people... I get really frustrated with arguing with people who only want to argue about church and it's not helping us - though I am learning alot about the bible... and I've learned alot about the BOM cause I've read so much. 

We had a baptism this week! Number 3, Woot! And it was Yosseth.  His whole family is interested and he loves the gospel... hes going on splits with us... so I'm stoked... me with yobani and my comp and him... then we meet with his whole family to teach them. We will see. 

I am getting better out here. I love my District!!  - like so much... We dont have tons of investigators ... but we are finding success…   but it was a frustrating Sunday... we had 0 at church... super upsetting... ugh… 

I love you guys!! how are things!

Elder Shepherd

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