Monday, September 8, 2014

Guatemala MTC Week 2

Q - How did your second week in Guatemala go?  Are you adjusting a little more?
 It was so good until Sunday... like so good... spiritual high... I tried to help everyone out.  I was a little homesick Sunday. Today was really good... Im starting to adjust... a little bit... not alot... it'll come though... im working hard.. down time is the hardest..
Q - Will you be in the trio companionship the rest of the MTC time?
 Yes I will. 
Q - Do you just play basketball for gym time? Or what do you do for your gym time?
 I play basketball.... we play 5 on 5... I was draining shots the other day it was sweet... then we did 3 on 3 tournaments... that was way fun.
Q - How did your luggage hold up getting there to Guatemala?
 Perfect... not even an issue… (Samsonite)
Q - Do you go to the Temple there in Guatemala? If so, do they let you use the headset to listen in English?  
 Yes we walk there its just around the corner... yes... for the first time we did.. the next time we did and english session that was cool... 
Q - What is the weather like?  Do you have air conditioning in the MTC?
 The weather is perfect... spring year round... rains sometimes but like a ton of it... warm mostly... our rooms are hot... but the rest of the mtc is air conditioned... thats always good.
Q - Do you do your laundry on your P-Day?  Is there laundry soap and stuff there?
 We do it basically whenever we want... we have washer and driars with stuff in them.. they are really nice... and they come with soap and stuff.... and if I hurry I dont have to iron.
Q - Did all the Elders come with lots of treats from home?  Do you guys share that stuff?
 No only me hahahaha.... so I eat in front of them... and share a little... but its really good... thanks for the treats everyone is jealous.
Q - Do you get to go out into the city at all?  If so, what do you do out in the city?
 We went to the market and in 2 weeks we get to go to like a huge black market thing and then we get to go and explore the city in 3 weeks... We have guys with shotguns outside... and across the street at shops there are guys with shotguns... people drive like maniacs also... wow its so different.

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