Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blisters and Bed Bugs but the Work moves on!

How was your week?
It was a good week!! We worked really hard!! and just wow... I've learned so much... and it's been a hard week.  We work so hard but dont have success... ugh... and tomorrow I have to show the whole zone how I contact cause we are the best at it.. . im kinda nervous...
How are the bed bugs (or whatever you have)?  Did you let President Klein know?
Its itchy... no he doesn't..

How are your feet doing?  Do they still have the blisters, etc?
Yes... I need to buy new shoes... but like my feet are getting alot alot better but they are pretty messed up.... they are getting stronger so thats good!

Did you get any packages yet?  If so, from who?
Yes!! My study materials!! 2 of yours and one of grandmas...so 3 came!! man good day!!!

How's the companion?
Hes great I love him! Hes very humble.
How are your families/people that you are teaching?
Man the Andrades family left Tocoa... hard day... then the Escoto family we are teaching are just so amazing but they wouldnt let us in yesterday...  ugh idk... But we found another family! Antonio and his family.   I want them to be baptized soooo bad... church is the real challenge of faith in this mission... if they wont come to church ugh... cause people that know its true won't come... man its hard.

Did you  have a baptism this week?
No cause we were in Olanchito for a district confrence... so no...

Do you have some pictures to email us this week?  (I love the pictures you email)
Well I can send some yes...

Did you have very many at church this week?
140... we have the best stats in the whole district... and thats like half of our mission so... thats good!!

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