Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Week We had 60 Lessons!! - Crazy!! This week Daniel was Baptized!

Taylor with another Monkey

Taylor said: "This is Pedro, I love him!"

Taylor and Daniel

Taylor baptized Daniel 3rd from left. 

January 19,  2015:  How was your week?It was a great week!! We worked super super hard this week we had like 60 lessons!! crazy! Then when I went on divisions I found some people and gave some baptismal dates we have 9 in total with dates right now... I'm praying for all of them... and 11 at church... so we will see how that goes... I'm teaching my comp english so we really only speak in english now... which is super bad for my spanish but it motivates him... and i think thats more important then bettering my spanish...

How is you family coming along?  Has the lady told you anymore weird things this week?They are going to be baptized maybe this week Sunday or next Saturday.  The problem is the lady is 8 months pregnant and walking to church doesnt feel very good...and she's having like pains and such.  So we might baptize her on Sunday after church... They are so perfect and such a good family.

Do they have a baptism committment?Yes but complications with a baby on the way.  They told me they want me to baptize them.

How many are in the family?  And the ages of them?There are five,  the mom Berta is 35, the dad is 45 and the kids are 4 and 5 and one on the way,  then a girl that is 16.

Have you taken some pictures during the week?  Make sure to take pictures of all these people that you are teachingI know im starting to take pictures of people... I always forget and it's a little dangerous cause people don't have I'm doing better at this.

Is it hard to teach the families that don't read?  Do they just not have the money to get an education?Yes.  Cause you have to review everything every time... and they dont understand me as well as I am still learning the language and my accent.  and like usually its not cause of money they just didn't get married... like literally people are not married but together at 13 years old and like have babys and  like its hard.

January 26, 2015

How was your week?
My week was very good! We found alot of people this week... but not a ton were really interested.  So that was eh... we like knocked on so many doors and stuff but like you can tell when someone is really interested and really not interested.  We found like 5 really interested out of the 30 people we found to teach...

 But one family we are teaching accepted their baptismal dates.  Her name is Marisol, she is a proffessor... and she is sooo smart.  And her husband speaks a lot of english because he worked on a cruise line. He didn't accept the date right now but he will and they will go to the Temple.  But I wont be here for the baptism... ugh... I'm super upset about that... she is amazing.. and her whole family understands english,  so thats cool!   They are so interested,  ugh I'm so upset if i leave..

Did you have the baptisms this weekend?  If so, how were the baptisms? (send a picture)
Yes!  Daniel he's awesome... he's 14 but he totally understands and everything. He's awesome!! 

How was your teaching this week?
It was super great!! We taught 41 lessons but none with members it was a bad week with members cause nobody was in town,  and our phone broke.
How are the others you talked about last week that have baptism dates?
Ugh... alot fell through... one lady has a kidney stone and won't be there anymore.  One went out of town another 3 didn't go to church cause of the rain.  They are on track but slowly.

Was church successful for you this week?
Nope... the rain... always gets ya.... ugh.... they will not go in the rain no matter what.
How far from the church is your apartment?
It's only like 40 minutes.... haha...

What kind of jobs do the people there have?
They go sell stuff in the streets. It's all personal really,  or working in the market or pharmacies. But usually just stuff like that.

What kind of things are at the corner market you shop at?
Just stuff like in the states but in the corner markets there are jerseys and stuff like that - so its super awesome! we can always buy sweet stuff there... it's like when we went to Mexico.

Is there a free market to buy food and stuff (like tables with food and things for sale like they would have at the park here)?
Yes but its not the safest way to eat...

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