Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Took a Bunch of Kids and Played Christmas Games

How was your week?
It was super great! I don't have a ton of time but it was great! My companion is a good guy... But this week we found a guy really interested and wants his family to listen and everything also... So I'm super excited for him... And yesterday we took a bunch of the  kids and played Christmas games with them and acted out the Christmas story it was amazing.. They were so excited and humble...  .
When is the next transfer?
On the 10th so next week... so idk if I have transfers I only write Monday but if not I'll write on Monday and Wednesday... 

How long do you get to email each week?  (It seems like we are emailing back and forth and then you are just gone).  Does the computer just shut off?
Usually 2 hours... but the problem is the internet sometimes I receive your emails like 45 minutes later then you sent it so I'm on usually 3 to 5 for 2 hours... but if I don't receive and stop responding its because I haven't received it.

How is the itchy stuff?
freaking itchy..... sooooo itchy....... its horrible hahaha...........
Did you buy you some new shoes?
No I havent bought any yet...

How are your feet doing?
Eh they are fine! The problem is the rain here; when it rains its bad, cause my shoes break and such.
How is your companion - have you learned about his family, home, etc.?
He doesn't email his family really haha... he just says it doesnt help him... so idk he doesnt talk of them much... just that his mom is a teacher and he doesn't know about his sister.

Have you been studying from the books we sent to you?  (I should go get one for me and concentrate on one of the books this year).
Yes I love them... I use the D&C one right now... I am on seccion 1 verse 20 and just studying all of it, all the foot notes and the book. And in the Book of Mormon one I'm in chapter like 13.. with all the footnotes and stuff also... its amazing.

What has Brandon been up to lately?  (We haven't seen him, except at the Rec Center on Thursday morning)
No I just know he works a ton... thats all he tells me... he usually can't even write me.

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