Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am Happy Because I know my Heavenly Father is!

How was your week?
My week has been really good! Its been a hard hard hard week though...  "in the end I told him I'm here to baptize... I'm here to convert and save people... and God is happy with me right now.  I'm very happy cause I know my heavenly father is also.
Are you getting transferred?  If so, where are you going to?  When do you leave?
We dont find out til tomorrow night
How are the families doing that you have been teaching?
Ugh.... No church again... Man its so hard...
How was "new member" after her traumatic baptism?  Was she happy that she did it or was it really hard for her?
She was great... but... now she left... she lives like 1 hour from Tocoa... and isn't coming back... so.... idk... she just got up and left and told nobody where she was going.

Did you get anymore packages yet?  (Maybe no one has come from the mission home to bring some)
No but tomorrow I will recieve them if I have any... so im excited for that!!
How is your health?  Are you doing good?
For the most part yeah... The itchy bumps we think I have a parasite so we are going to find some pills for me to kill parasites... and I got super sick the other day... but I just worked through it... And my feet I need new shoes still hahaha... but its working for now... But this week I went to San Pedro with my distict leader for his residency and that was horrible - 6 hours in a bus then 6 more after hahaha... horrible!!!  But it was cool to talk to some other missionary's. 

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