Tuesday, January 13, 2015

If You Trust in Him, Everything will be Ok!

How was your week?
My week was great... I learned alot... we had 2 people at church... and i feel like a failure because of the work I put in... but I was talking to Diller and he taught me alot... he told me the Lord is testing me and if I endure and am happy cause I worked hard and respect the agency of others I will have success.. The lord will bless me with success.. He needs you to show your love and faith in him...  sometimes everything is hard but you need to rely on Heavenly Father for him to guide you through and if you trust in him everything will be ok..

Did you go to the doctor about your itchy stuff?  If so, what did they say and do?  If not, why don't you go try to get it taken care of?
No we know what it is though... I have to take some parasite stuff and cut open each one and put stuff in it to kill the parasite for it to stop itching... but if I don't do it... it'll travel in my blood to my heart... so I have to... ugh...

Did you buy you some new shoes yet?  If not, go buy some.
yes but they arent ones I need, we should have bought eccos... goodness.. hahaha

What did you do this week - give me more details of some of your days, contacts, etc.?
Ugh.... I'm so so bad at this... so let's see we have one investigator and his name is Antonio.... man he is perfect... I have been communication with the spirit so well lately... I talk and I know what im saying is true... even some of the things I promised him... I told him God has a purpose for him... and that they he needs him right now. 

Do people there decorate for Christmas?  If so, what do they decorate with?
Just like christmas there!! Nothing to crazy!

Do very many people there have cars?
No... like nobody...

Are you taking pictures?  (You haven't sent any for a while - PLEASE SEND ME SOME PICTURES!!!)
No time today but I need a hard drive to download all the pictures on...

 I go on divisions alot as you guys know... so I found a family with a member and I gave them a date for baptism and they accepted... they can't read but eh... then I found another family and we are getting them married and one will get baptized the other is a member... and we are baptizing her son also...

But with the first family we contacted and taught all of lesson 1 the Restoration and they believe all of it... so that is amazing.. then we taught part of lesson 2 an they really accepted it... and loved it.. ..

What did everyone there think of the snow they saw on the computer when we were skyping you on Christmas?
They really liked it!! they were like what is that!! oh gosh thats awesome!!!

How are the other missionaries in your city?  
Eh...  my zone leaders and Elder Winkle  and a couple of other Elders

Is the cream and medicine for the parasites doing any more?
Eh.... no not really but eh... sorta...

Have you been emailing with any of your missionary friends?
Eh... I try but I dont get many responses and stuff... cause everyone is on on different times and such... like it's eally hard... so not much...

Did you love seeing Sammie?  I don't think she can see people on the computer monitor.
Sadly she can't... I loved it... just please keep her alive... ugh hahaha...

How was you visit with everyone skyping?
It was great I loved skyping with everyone... Carson gave some great advice... and i got some great advice from dad and you... and seeing my friends was awesome!! It was a great day...
How was it for you...

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