Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Had 6 People At Church

Taylor with Brother Pedro, always doing splits

A street in Tocoa

How was your week?
It was great! I got really really sick though... I through up all my lunch... and my comp wouldn't let me go work.... that was the worst part of all of it... bu then... after that... everything was pretty good!! haha... we had 6 people at church... eh.... but 2 are a mom and dad and they want to get baptized so I'm super excited about that... but it was crazy... we moved houses this morning and we live like 45 minutes from the  church.  

How was church this week?
It was good... 6 people like I said... and one of the people we didn't visit the whole week and he came to church and we are like way good friends and he pulled up a chair and we sat together... but this week... I saw sooooooooooo much weed... like people making it and smoking it... cause we work in the really poor areas... but the people there are willing to walk so far and stuff.... and are alot more humble... so i think its a good thing.

Do you have a chapel?  If so, how big is the chapel and what is it like?
The chapel is just tile... has a pulpit... has like benches like our chapel just the small side ones... it's like a normal chapel.. but only a piano... and huge fans to keep it cooler...

Is the font that you baptize people in at the church you go to?
Yes... its awesome! I like baptizing in the river though... but the samewater comes to it... like super super dirty water.

How are your two families that you talked about last week?
One doesnt want to listen anymore and the other came to church!! And they will be baptized!!  The family literally had no food.... and they were going to go to bed hungry... and then we visited them... then we left... and food ended up on there door step... crazy stuff like that and they just know its true.

Any change on your parasite rash?
No its gotten a bit better I think... I just keep using it and stuff... but idk it's getting better...

Are you doing anything fun today for your P-Day?
Ummm its been raining super hard... so nothing... lol... 

How's your studies of the institute books going?  Which book are you studying now?
Very good... I love studying!! I study them a ton.... I really am studying the Book of Mormon in spanish right now and I understand basically everything but things are explained a little bit better in spanish... it's weird.

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