Monday, October 5, 2015

We Found a Family of 10! July 20, 2015

How was your week?
 It was a very good week... we worked super hard this week also! We found some great people to teach... and we are working with the Ward a ton... Our ward is learning...   But its just been a bit rough. We search for references we go make people sit by our investigators.  Then we go talk to them with love; to help them catch the vision!   

George and Jenni... and Jennifer and Kevin... and Kacey... Kacey is 3 years old... she is the cutest baby ever. And she finally talks to me... hahaha... But they are an amazing family... they invited us this week to Jennifers birthday... shes 10 now... and they are sooo amazing.. we talked for an hour with them.. They just had sooo many questions about the gospel... they want to get a divorced, from former spouses,  and get married and come to church. That dad wants his son Kevin to recieve the priesthood.   But we are working with them... We sang families can be together forever... me and my companion at the very end - it was soo spiritual... They all were about to cry and the dad was like yes I'm going to try and get work off... and everything to come to church. They are sooo amazing. they can be one of the strongest families in the church if they commit and come.

We found a family of 10 and they came to church this week! Cesar, Cesar, Cesar, Elvia, Candy, Luis, Luis, Noemi, Jesus, Jackie, I can't remember the rest of the names... but it was so amazing.. I was on divisions teaching this family on Saturday... and they all came and sat around everysingle one... we just had to invite them... the mom and dad got there belts out so if one of the kids talked they would just hit them... It was sooo reverent... we shared the Restoration... and right when we got to Joseph Smith.. it started dumping rain.. so we went inside.... then I finished up Joseph Smith then right when I finished a lightining bolt struck like 100 yards away... and like the house shook... and the electricity shut off... and it was soooo crazy... we finished up sharing... then they just asked when they all can be baptized... LETS GOOOO! hahaha
So we just need to put the fecha now... I finished teaching them in the dark but we had to leave.

Kevin... he didn't come to church... we dont know what happened... 

Xiomara and Moises... ugh... only Moises went to church now.. Xiomara is super unexcited  so we teach and weve tried everything... Moises keeps coming to church and doing the right things. We'll keep working and praying for them.

Did you get Martha and Dulce to church this week?
No.... WhenI was on divisions we went and visited them... We read 3 Nefi 11... with them 3 through 14... and it is my favorite chapter... when jesus comes down... and man we shared powerful testimonies and she began to cry... and like she just knows its true.... we had a problem with her in the week though... she lets doubt creep in. We're praying for her too.
Do you know if you are staying in your same area?
I think so... we find out today or tomorrow... so we will see..
How was church this week?
Another good week... 12 at church... but really like 20... we had a bunch of little kids at church... the attendance was 69... 19 of our investigators with kids... and the rest members... We need to get to our goal of 100 by October!  Working so hard. We need the wards help!  Pray for them. 

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