Monday, October 5, 2015

We Had a Super Amazing Lesson about the Plan of Salvation. September 28, 2015

How was your week?
It was a great week... A bit slower... But it was a good week.. We worked our butts off... And I just don't want to be a ZL or anything at all. I just want to teach and baptize.  That is where it's at. 

Noe Y Marie..  They will not come to church!! We like had a super amazing lesson about the plan of salvation and they feel that it is true... Like 100 percent... but they wont make the changes to come to church... They literally told us that they know that they have heard of the plan before hand... and they they heard it before this life... and we were like yes its so true!! and they were like yes we want to come to church and everything!! Ok! Then they don't come!! But they read and everything... ugh... so frustrating... but we can't drop them cause they are reading and praying and like they feel our message is true.

Andrez and Tereza... heh... We talked about how families can only be together forever if they are sealed in the Temple and to a married family... and all of the sudden there minds like Andrez got super interested like what? only if we are married? So we are praying something touched his heart... it'd be so amazing if that was the case... So we will find out soon enough.

We found a lady named Fransisca... Shes way cool she didn't want to come to church for her neighbor who is a member of the church.  But we came and we got her to go to church... so that was amazing... and her whole family now is interested in our message... she was telling us that before missionarys had visited her but she never wanted to go to church... but now she thinks that she will.

Melvin and Yulisa... we found out some bad news... that Melvin is married in the united states so we will have to wait a long long time so that they can get divorced and everything so that we can get them married and baptized and such. Maybe this will be a blessing for them to get deeper testimony of the gospel. 

Santos a guy we have been teaching... but he has a problem with his skin... where he can't go out in the sun too long right now... like I'm confused of what's going on... and he's like never wanting to go to church... so thats rough... but he came to church this Sunday and that was super cool... He really liked it... let's just pray he keeps listening and applying the things we teach him... he reads... and prays... but he just like needs to better apply the things to really recieve help with his problems. 

Naum... Joanna... and mario... they are amazing... but like they just won't come to church... joanna is less active    but they want answers to their prayers... and they just wont show there faith... GOD CAN'T respond if we don't do our part... Ether 12 6... God will give us a testimony after the trial of faith not before. So we are trying to help them have the faith...

Wendy and Karli have a bunch of problems and stuff but they will not come to church either... they are super great and everything... Next steps is to go to church and demonstrate their faith and repentance. 

Jorge and Jenni... the divorce is coming along... but man... they are going to be great leaders in the church... they just have to keep putting in there part... they are so excited to go to the Temple and everything... so thats amazing... they want to be sealed for time and all eternity man... I'm so excited for that... Man... I'm SO EXCITED

Mario my convert is getting reaady to go to the Temple he still walks to church to this day!!! After the blessing we gave him!!! 

Eduardo Maria and Saul... Eduardo is blessing the sacrament and getting ready to go to the Temple also!!! So freaking awesome!! man I'm so excited!!
How much longer to you have till transfers?
Yeah... well... 3 weeks... ugh...

Is your toenail getting better or getting worse now?
Worse... I think im going to have them take it out on Friday... so that Saturday and Sunday I can't walk... so we can watch conference and such... then I'll be all set.

Are you able to buy everything there at the store?
Yes... everything is good... we are close to everything here...

How was church?
Church was so good... We had 88 people at church... 11 investigators...WOOT!!! Y super bien. algunas no quieren venir... entonces mucho mas trabajo para hacer!! 

Where will you be going to watch conference?
In the stake center... 

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