Monday, October 5, 2015

Its been a Year, Only get one more! It's going fast - July 6, 2015

How was your week?
It was a very long week... We worked our butts off... We have some great people we are working with... we found 29 new people to teach... heh!

Alright first funny story... So we did divisions this sunday and I went with a joven to bring people to church... and we went and we were knocking on our investigators doors to get them to go to church... and we go up to this door of a man named Jackson,  he's 40ish,  And I'm yelling Buenas!!! in front of his house, (it's like knocking on the door in honduras) And im waiting and nothing happens. So I pull open the door... and this is just to his gate,  and he's just buck naked, he's showering,  and I just couldnt talk I just was like overwhelmed hahahaha.... and I just released the door and it slammed shut... and we yelled to invite him to church and he didnt come... haha oh gosh... so awkward.

Then we taught Elena and Fernando more... They are soo amazing... the only thing is... is the papers so it'll just take time... everyone in La Ceiba is getting Dengue and stuff... so they didn't come to church... cause they both got sick... ugh... and we gave them a bed.  They slept in a room the size of our laundry room and they were sick sleeping on the wood floor. And I look at my comp,  I'm like we are going to give them a bed right now. I don't care if president gets mad at me.  I cant stand looking at this! So we gave them a bed. 

Then we found a bunch of mosquitos - like the people from mosquitia - and we found 10 of them... and we sat and taught them all. They are all really interested and liked our message that we shared with them... We only shared about faith and the family but they loved it! And 2 of them went to church.

Maria... She is a lady shes about 35 years old... She is super amazing.  She accepted our invitation to church and we taught her all of lesson 1 the restoration after church and she loved it. She really wants to know... She said she will pray and ask God; cause one of her friends told her that everyone talks about about the mormons. But her friend prayed and askGod and had a dream that this church is the only true church. Shes really looking for happiness in her life.

Cesar - he also went to church;  He' s a mosquito... he's super shy but he's a great guy. He can't really speak well in spanish or read or write but in mosquitia he can.  After church he wanted to come visit with us.  So we took him and he showed us all of his friends and when we were walking in the street with him.  We felt a prompted to just give him a baptismal fecha. He accepted and we just will have to teach him a bit slowly.  After hes baptized he will understand more cause he will have the gift of the holy ghost.

Kevin - we found a kid who was super interested in our message.  he's 15 he was very interested in what happens after this life... he wanted to know what he can to do make it back to our Heavenly Father. So we taught part of lesson 2 the Plan of Salvation and part of lesson 1 the restoration,  and wow.,he went to church and he loved it. He has lots of friends there. But today we found out that his brother died last week. So we feel so bad... but we are so happy that this message is perfect that we can share about baptisms for the dead.

Xomara and Moises- just time,  nothing really new here. 

Johnny -  a man we found, he's a great guy he's 27.  If he gets baptized he will be such a great leader in the church.  We have been praying specifically for great leaders in the church cause this is what the ward needs... so we have been finding amazing people. He got Dengue so he couldnt come to church this week - but this next week he should be coming. 

Fransisco -hes fecha might fall... cause he might be baptized... he always told us he was baptized. But he NEVER specified what church - hahaha... so we kept explaining authority like idiots hahaha... and he finally was like I was in your church. BUT he might not have recieved the spirit cause he never went back to church so we will see.

Then we got a lady named Dulce. She's awesome,  we put her date with her the first day we met her. She makes hammocks for a living. She loves the plan of salvation cause her husband was killed. We were prompted to talk about it and she felt so much peace. So we are really working with her these days.

Can you believe it is your hump day in a couple of days, wow one year out?
Heh.... SO fast - And at the same time slow. it's a weird feeling. It's like you want the end to come but you never want it to come. Because helping people here is the most amazing thing. I think I might ask president for an extension... I'm not sure -  it's not time to think about that yet though haha.

How was church this week?
It was super good... President Klein came to our ward randomly - but it was amazing.  We shared our testimonies me and my comp and then President Klein. He wrote me a note today. He is so kind!

Did you have fast sunday?  How are the fast sundays there (lots of testimonies)?
Yes we did... we had a ward fast also for our investigators and we have a game going throughout the ward with references and stuff and we pray it works - we will see. Well its a bit different here... if one person in the family shares then the whole family has to come up... and they ALL stand at the pulpet as a family and one by one they share. It's always special. 

Any luck with any of the couples getting their papers to get married?
Slowly and surely... we are going...

Is your ward/branch there covered with bishop, relief society, etc.?
We have everything but a 2nd councelor in the bishopric... 

What's your plans for hump day?
Umm.   Not for now... tomorrow I go on divisions with a gringo! Elder Andrews my DL!

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