Monday, October 5, 2015

When there are Soccer games, they close everything down May 11, 15

Do you hear about the NBA there? Do people know or even care?
No we hear nothing... nobody watches anything... hahaha

What about soccer, do they follow that and close down shops to see their team play?
Dude always... they close down everything and dont let anyone in... like its horrible hahaha...

Is there a walmart there? lol
No... we have like a family store... but i found out people here, like nobody goes to the super market - they just go to there neighbors house who is selling food for like 5 more dollars... lol

What about product that are made in Honduras, what are they known for?  Shoes, leather goods? Cigars?
Dole... like ALL the bannanas in the states... all of it comes from here... all the fruit... everything... 

What do people do for work that do have jobs?
They cut things... like grass or palma... palma is a tree and everything is made with the oil it makes.. so usually that... or they sell things out of there house... but EVERYONE wants to come to the states... SOOO many Hondurans... I think there is more Hondurans then Mexicans in the states.. lol

What types of cars do they drive? Take some pics of roads, cars,  etc? 
They use ford Hilux its a  truck... or corollas..

Do they use a bus system? or is there one that you can use to get around town etc?

Yes they have sooo many buses thats the only way we travel..

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