Monday, October 5, 2015

Kevin Was Baptized! YEAH! August 10, 2015

KEVIN gets Baptized!
How was your week?
My week was really great... We had a long week... We worked really hard... Sometimes I get frustrated but try to focus on what I can do to make a difference. Its super difficult sometimes. 

But we are working really well... Kevin Jennifer will be baptized this week also... George and Jenni a little bit later... But they brought Kevin and Jennifer to the baptism of Kevin and like the dad was sooo excited... He was like Levin this is you next week man... This will be us in a month after we get married also! They are soo amazing... They are going to be baptized and everything...

Elvia and her big family... They just will not come to church they are soo discouraged or something like they don't want to come to church ugh... They don't have the excitement anymore... Its really frustrating. Satan really works on new investigators. 

Elena and Fernando... They are back!! They just keep coming to church and now they want to get married and the guy and the mom are getting the papers and getting married pretty soon!!! So it'll be good... They will be baptized in the church!!! But we still need to work on a way to go get the papers if things don't work out as planned...

Did Kevin get baptized?
Yes he did!! Finally!! Hes a great guy!! He was so happy!! It was a hard go... his mom didn't want to sign the paper for permission cause she goes to another church... but she did... He wants to go on a mission and everything.

How are the members at feeding the missionaries?  Do you get fed a lot?
Ummm... Saturday for dinner and lunch on Sunday and dinner on Sunday only this though.. but we are grateful for it. 

How are the other missionaries in your area?
We only have us in our area... in our district there are 6... all latinos and me, the gringo. hahaha 

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