Monday, October 5, 2015

They Have the Spirit with Them Always! July 27,2015

How was your week?
Super fast heh!! We worked super hard.  I miss elder cruz a bunch... I love that guy... Well, we had 18 at church and I had to give the class... ugh a little rough... hahaha I didnt plan cause it was like the teacher didn't show.

What is your new companion's name?
Roberto Lucero

Where is your new companion from and tell me about him?
El Salvador... Hes a great guy he has a very strong testimony and left behind alot of things... Hes been a member for a lot of his life... 10 years ... he was activated about 8 months ago... Hes been shot 2 times...he's had some struggles but hes way cool... He really likes to work.   I think he will learn really well ... 

How long has he been out?
He has been out 5 days... he went to the MTC for 2 weeks then he came here on martes... so we are just getting to know eachother a bit...  he's a great guy... he's a bit baggy... but its normal.

How are your families doing?
Xomara and Moises came to church!!! Goodness finally they're getting back on track.  Moises is doing really well at reading and praying and going to church so that's way good....

Elena and Fernando... we hadn't visited Elena in a whole week and she just came to church... and we didn't invite her or anything cause my companion took our cell phone to San Pedro... so we talked to her after church and she said... "she knows that the church is true and that her and Fernando want to be married and baptized in the church"... they are soo excited to get married and baptized... I love them... they have the spirit with them always... they are always super excited when we come and listen really well... and they pray super sincero con Dios.

Elvia, Jacki, Cesar, Cesar Cesar, Noeli.... a family of 8 came to church... they love it so much! They all accepted a baptismal fecha... now we are working with  them to get married... but they should get baptized in a few weeks they are sooo amazing they listen... but listen like as if in the states they bring the belt out if the kids talk,  they really listen and stuff... it's so amazing. And like they all have testimonies and are going to be baptized just in time.

George and Jenni and Jennifer and Kevin.. They are amazing... the dad still can't come to church... but he's working on it the other part of the family they love it so much... they are so amazing... we are working to get them married but divorced also... we have sooo much to do... ugh...but the kids will be baptized in like 2 weeks or three weeks...

Then we have Kevin this week and we are trying to get him baptized and everything this week or the next we got him all the permission and everything... he wants to become a missionary also... I'm sooo excited for him!! He's sooo amazing... he really wants to go to the Temple also. 

Did you stay in the same city?
But I have to go love you all!!!

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