Monday, October 5, 2015

We Found a Super Great Family! July 13, 20015

Are you using mosquito spray, that stuff we sent you, I noticed a lot of incidence of Dengue and you need to avoid that??
Im using it... we have off also...
Do they have mosquito spray down there that you can buy?
Yes we get it from president...

Do you sleep with a mosquito net? 
No but with a fan...

How about you're apartment is it air conditioned?

Do you keep the windows open when you sleep etc?

No... and we have screens... I never get bit in the nightl...

Were you able to get those baptisms?  
No.... we are having one this week and 6 coming up...

How are  you and your comp doing?
We KILLED IT... I finally brought up a bit... when my comp gets rolling he won't stop hahaha...   we pumped out a new high 60 lessons... and 14 investigators at church. my comp went NUTS!  It was awesome. We should have baptisms coming up. 
What are you studying in the mornings?
Preach my gospel chapter 4... I study tons in the mornings. I also study preach my gospel a ton... with the Book of Mormon. And I've been reading the bible.  I've been studying the life of Peter.  Look up a talk by President Uchtdorf in the 2014 conference for Presidents of Missions... it talks about the missionary I want to be.. heh...

How is your stomach doing?
Its fine... right now I'm a bit sick... but its normal.. I'm good

How was your week?
It was a great week... A very hard week but we are working super hard.. We really got working... My comp is amazing as soon as we get going. 

We found a super great family. I feel that they will get baptized - Jenni 29  George 29 Kevin 12 Jennifer 9 Kacey 3....  But the family is amazing they accepted the Restoration super well and they were all ready when we came by and brought people to church... man they are awesome... We felt the spirit so strong in the 2 lessons we have had with them.  Now we just need to get them married and baptized... ugh... married... but george is super smart and can read really well... they live humble but they are amazing he will be a leader in the church.

Martha and Dulce... Ugh they have a baptismal date... but they didn't come to church because of a mis-communication... Saturday we came to her house at 2 o'clock and she had left but Sunday we found her and she was sooo mad at us. she thougth that we said 12 oclock... (dos... doce) it sounds the same. and she was like you guys I missed something important to listen to you - and - yeah it was bad.

Kevin... he is 15.. hes great... we just need permission to baptize him... he is soo inerested... and if we baptize him he will go on a mission... he loves the plan of salvation... his cousin died last week... so hes way into the lesson... and he reads and goes to church by himself... so its amazing.

Cesar 8... Cesia 16... Maria 38... This family is amazing like I explained but Maria didn't come to church but cesar y cesia vinieron a la iglesia este Domingo... Ellos son super maxizo.. Shoot... they are way awesome.. they came and the members actually helped us with them so they liked church.

Gerardo... Is 15 and all his family goes to church and are members... just him... he goes to church.. the only problem is finding him... he should be baptized this Saturday before my comp leaves... but we will see I guess... my comps done after this week... so we will see... lets pray so..

Fransisco is amazing... but he might be baptized so we are looking... if there is no record we have to baptize him again,  so we are searching... if not he will be reactivated. 

Xiomara and Moises... ugh!!! They said they don't want to get married anymore or anything... and we are fighting with satan... we are trying... so we will see this week... ugh... so hard.

Familia Rivera... they are great.. the dad, Ramon his brother, who goes to church in the same ward, is a super active member... so we are working with Ramon 45, Reina 45,  Wendy 19,  Gustabo 16,  and Belquis 13, but they are a bit  green right now.. we will see how it goes..

So the bed you took over to the couple there...did you take one of your beds or did you go get one to give to them?
we gave them one of ours... we have 4 in the house and I just told my comp we are taking one... but... they aren't progressing much right now... they left to another place in mosquitia for like 3 weeks.

How was church?
Really good! We had 14 at church... and the highest attendance like ever we had 87 people... Usually about 72 so it was all investigators... But we are working with the ward cause if they go visit... then we will have so much more success.... ugh we are praying the bishop can help us.  

Are the stores and stuff close to you?  Are you able to buy more things than in your last city?
Yes... tons more... I'm like in the center of La Ceiba... I can buy like whatever I need.

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