Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pulled my Toenail Off, I Hate Not being Able to Work! October 5, 2015

How was your week?
It was super good! We worked super hard... I was out Friday Saturday and Sunday and today from working. And our numbers and everything dropped a ton   

But like every single baptismal date fell.... We have like amazing leaders... President Klein talked to hno Melvin in the conference and he asked to sit and chat with him... He talked with him for an hour and a half and told us wow he's going to be a great leader in the future... HEh!! All of our investigators will be huge leaders in this ward.. but they just take soo much time... man... it's frustrating... I won't see the results but they are amazing people.. 

Melvin and Yulisa... They are praying super hard... They are reading... we put a goal with them to read the whole book of mormon before the year ends... we know itll be hard... but itll be way worth it... And they are so amazing they went to conference and Melvin went to the priesthood session... man they are great people. It's just so weird. They are great. 

Jorge and Yenni there isn't a lot of progress this week.... Just keep coming... and they will get there.

Nelson, a kid we found, is amazing.. He just loves church and everything. He came to the conference and he just feels that its true... Like we taught him The plan of salvation and he loved it. Now we just need to finish it up and get him baptized... Cause man he will help the people a ton. 

We found 2 more, Sulma and Roger... They just don't understand... Heh... it's so hard... So we will see how it goes.. 

I love the gospel.. It's been rough. I hate not being able to work. It's just like the worst feeling. I hate it but I know i deserve it hahaha.  I literally hate resting and God wants to teach me to be humble cause I worked when I was sooo sick and now I can't work or it'll get way worse.. ugh... I hate that soo much... I know that this is just a trial though..

How did you like conference?
I loved it! Man so powerful...I loved it... President Monson... Heh... he's not looking good though,   but hes' the prophet.. I loved Elder David A Bednar getting up and just machetting everyone for saying that they werent capable cause they aposteles are too old... heh... I loved it... man... I know that they are so inspired... But it was amazing.

What was your favorite talk?
I loved Elder Holland.  Man I love my mom. I really never understood why my mom always was like super worried about everything until now. Man it makes you really appreciate your mom when you no longer live with your parents and have to do a bunch of things on your own. 

And I loved Elder Martino... and Elder Nelsons, it was a powerful conference.. All of the talks were awesome.
Did you get to listen to priesthood session?
Yes in the stake center we heard it... I loved it so much... Man it was weird it ended early and it was a huge machete... heh... crazy... faith and following the commandments. 

Did you get your toenail pulled off?  How is the toe doing?
Yes... it's alright we have to clean it but it just wont heal... I hate... cleaning it... it hurts sooo bad... like sooo bad... ugh... I dont know how to explain how bad it hurts. 

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