Monday, October 5, 2015

We had a Baptism this week, Eduardo! June 22, 2015

How are things going?
Things are going really well... I'm in La Ceiba still... in Bella Vista a different area... and different zone... I'm with

Elder Whilmer Cruz.... hes a big guy. Hes from costa rica and he finishes his mission next month. 

This area is super big... and the ward is needing help...we are working tons with the members. 

My area is HUGE and we have so much to do... so I'm excited.

How was your week?
It was super super fast...There is a lot to be done with investigators. My comp, he is really a great missionary  and he doesnt want to go home.  He loves the mission he was a zone leader right before.. and all of his comps have become zone leaders. He knows how to do alot of things... He just has taught me to work with members a lot more and how to plan and do things better.  He has so much experience.  We always have more people at church. 

We had a baptism this week... His name is Eduardo... he's 18 years old... he is kinda timid but we think the gospel will  help him... we really saw the change in him these last few weeks... he's a great kid... he should become a missionary and we're praying for him; his mom and his moms side are all members and thats how Elder Saunders found him.  Me and Elder Cruz have done almost all the teaching... he's a great kid... he use to be alot more shy... and now his dad and his dads side of the family want to listen to our message!! WOOT!!

How many other missionaries are in your area?
Just me and my companion.... But in the zone there is 16 or 18

Are there any sister missionaries in your area?
and one pair of sisters...

How was church?
It was really good... super long it went a half hour over... it goes the classes first then sacrament 8:30 to 11:30 but we went til 12.  The attendance was 74 people the highest my comp has seen so far... so we are working really well... We had 6 investigators the most he's seen also in this area... (goodness its frustrating...I know we can get more...) But 6 is good...

How are the families in your area?
We have a family that are working towards baptism that me and my comp found... But the wife Xiomara... needs a divorce so that they can get married.. The problem is here in Honduras... you can't communicate with the other... so we dont know where the guy is... last we know he lives in Tocoa... so we are raising money for her to go to the guy and ask for the divorce but then they all have to come to La Ceiba her exhusband and her kid... to sign papers... then they have to come back in a month to sign again... then we have to get Xiomara married to Moises... and then they can be baptized so it'll take a good 2 or 3 months... and her little girl Ingrid will get baptized with them. 
Xiomara 34, Moises 34, and ingrid 12... so it'll be great!!

Sarahi is waiting on a marriage also... with a husband who works from 4 in the afternoon until 9 in the morning....   he doesnt have the money to feed his wife his 3 kids and his mom who is a member... so things are looking rough... the mom is a recent convert... but they are living there cause the mom Blanca her ex husband burned down her house and all of her clothes and everything was in her house... its sooo horrible..

and now we are working witht the family of Eduardo.. to see how he's doing and his family... his family isn't members. Actually working with his dad and his dads side... but they read the pamphlets and want to listen and we think it'll be very good...

Do people feed you in your new area?
Well we finally have a cook and we eat lunch and dinner on Sundays with someone else... and dinner on saturdays...

On normal days we eat at Hna Rosa she is a great lady... she got divorced  and has 2 girls.. 10 and 3... they are super awesome.

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