Monday, October 5, 2015

I feel her spirit telling me to keep pushing! June 8, 2015

How was your week?
It was a rough week... But thats ok... I've been super sick. But thats ok... we literally had no time to personal study which is sooo horrible... we got up and left the house at 7 like every single day this week... I had to go to La Ceiba with Mario and Eduardo for some papers in the judges place... and that was a mess. They weren't going to let them get married this week... but I just like didn't let them say no... I came in there with my mind made up...hahahaha.... I've really lost all of my shyness while i've been out here. I am so like active I never just want to sit. 

This week was super crazy also cause Eduardo got married... but Satan DID NOT want him married... I don't think something else could have went wrong... With the papers and everything... But we got it all lined up... and got them baptized. 

Eduardo took it home on Sunday with the best testimony he could share... saying...

 "I know that this is the only true church on the earth... I know Joseph Smith was a prophet...I know that this is the only church that has been restored here on the earth and has all the saving ordanances... and I know that the book of mormon is true!"

It was a killer meeting... and I shared my testimony also about our Savior Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon... and I told them adios cause I might be leaving... which i am now.

How was your baptism?
It was amazing... they finally were baptized.. the spirit was so strong... I only baptized Saul cause I was in charge of the little meeting we had... and my comp baptized Eduardo and Maria.  It was a great baptismal meeting!

How are your other families coming along?
We had Anna at church... and she is awesome... shes like 56 and really is an amazing lady..  she said she hasn't been to a church that she likes in like 5 years. and now she only comes to ours... 

Is the weather there just blazing hot?
Its not too hot... tons and tons and tons of rain.... so not too bad...

Any other amazing experiences?
No... just the wedding and baptism and church... it was just such an unproductive week with other investigators... we only had 8 at church and 3 confirmations... and I confirmed one in Spanish.  I gave him a blessing and everything... so that was way cool. 

Have you been feeling grandma's presence?
Yes... just when I get sad or something... I feel her and the spirit telling me to keep pushing on and not think about it cause it won't help really... so I just keep pushing... and she tells me everything is all good and she is happier.

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