Monday, October 5, 2015

The Most Amazing Thing Happened! June 29, 2015

How was your week?
It was really good! Me and my comp get along fine. 

As to our investigators we are doing really well... we got 12 with baptismal dates as of this week... I went on divisions with members this week... and had to get some work done if you know what i mean... so i put down 8 dates for baptism.
Man.... sometimes I've got to go to work... I DONT LIKE SLOW PACE WORK.... but you have to learn to adapt to your comp so the spirit can be there. Thats what I've learned alot about.  The spirit is the most important thing... So I have to adapt to my companion a bit... so that the spirit can do the teaching.

We have a family of 2 they aren't married they are like 26 years old... Fernando and Elena... They are so amazing... they want to get married... But they have to go get papers in Mosquitia.  Now let me explain... mosquitia is like an island the only way to get there is by plane or boat. And it costs SOOOO much money. And here in Honduras its hard to earn that much money.. So its super hard. But they are amazing we found them this last week... They aren't poor but they got robbed of everything... Gosh I feel so bad... They sleep on the ground together and their room is like the size of our laundry room in our house... And like the fans got stolen, the bed, the tv everything!  And we shared the restoration and they shared there testimonies that they know the church is true and that they want to become members and be baptized... They explained its the only church that has authority and they feel the peace that the message brings... And they want to feel it forever... Heh... and in  his prayer when I asked him to pray and ask God if he sent us he began to cry. The spirit we felt was so amazing. 

Then Xiomara and Moises... They are coming along well.  We sold baleadas to raise money at a multi zone conference to help them. We hope to have the Charity Christ talked about. President Klein was there. He is just an incredible man! It was amazing.. But they are coming along great... we just need to get xiomara divorced and stuff first... ugh... just time and money.

Then the most amazing thing happened so Daniela and Sergio are a couple that have been talking with us. But Daniela went to Roatan for something... So we taught Sergio and his Dad,  Fransisco.  We taught them lesson 1 the restoration -and we taught it... the spirit was sooo strong... they really wanted to know. We taught them and they understood what authority was  and they understood that when Jesus died and his Apostles died that there was no authority and they were like then where is the authority?! Al the churches are lies?! It makes sense!! Who has it?! And we explained and they both said that when they receive there answer from God if its true they will be baptized that day... and wow!!! The spirit was sooo strong!!!  

I also learned what it means to love the people. I really learned how and why we must love the people.  Lately I just was like getting mad cause they all have the same 5 excuses for everything and like its literally every single person.   But learning to love them after you see the faults and differences is really what loving the people means.   

Is your teaching pool mostly reactivating or new people?
No we are teaching the less active trying to get them to help us in the work... The problem is they dont want anything... This is so hard... so we are really searching for leaders right now, thats about it,we need people that can lead the church.... cause the church here really could use more leaders. 

How about the people and getting them married? 
Its just so hard... the only thing that is hard is getting money... it costs a lot and we can't just like give them money.

Have you taken more photos?
Yes... but not tons in my new area... ugh...

Are you eating the same there in your new area?
Yes... I'm getting fatter.. ugh...... I lost a bunch of weight now im gaining some... my cocinera, cook, always teases us... ugh!!

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