Monday, October 5, 2015

The Lights Went out From 6PM Saturday to 10AM Sunday. September 7, 2015

How was your week?
Super good... We worked our tails off again!!  But little success... Like I just get frustrated inside sometimes.  

But our investigators are good... this week at church... ugh... 
Saturday at 6PM the lights went out in ALL of la ceiba until 10AM in the morning Sunday... man it was like living in hell... IT WAS SO HOT... 0 sleep and nobody came to church.. the attendance was 65 and 2 investigators at church.... holy cow... And my comp was snoring last night at like 9 o'clock... holy cow... He snored soooo loud. 

Jorge and Jenni didn't come cause they were sooo tired... but they are working super hard... so it'll be they are going to be amazing leaders in the church. The bishop is awesome. 

We also are teaching a guy in english named Jose Luis... I can't speak english... I get lost... hahaha... I don't know it's hard...  But he's super awesome.. he wants to come to church and get baptized hes going up to the states in October. So we had to move his baptismal date... to the 18th of October,  so we will see. I think he knows that the church is true, he reads a lot. 

Otoniel.... He was close to baptism... but hes moving to Tegucigalpa... So..... there goes all of our baptisms.... man... ugh... but its alright... we will find more... HE'S so smart... like he just understands things... He reads and stuff... but hes not very social.. so we are working with him still to prepare him..

We are teaching 2  ... Karli (husband) and Wendy, they are super awesome, they speak spanish and the other language,  they are super amazing! They will come to church next week.  They can't read super well in spanish but they at least try and we know God will bless them... They are really interested in our message. 

Mario he's a cool guy, his family of a menos active...   and they don't want to come to church... but we are working with them... so let's pray that it comes through. 

Then... we are working with... Carolina... She is super amazing but she studies on Sunday in the University... man we just have awesome people with problems.

Melvin and his wife - he's been changing but his wife isnt being super supportive yet... but hes doing amazing...   so we are working super hard with him... And we are working on marriage and stuff... So that he can be baptized. 

Are you better today from being sick last week?  
I'm a bit better... I got sick yesterday... cause only 3 hours of sleep I had a fever but today im better.... man it's just been a rough go lately.  It will improve...

Are you still in the same area?

Do you still have the same companion?
How is Otoniel this week?  Any closer to baptism?
ugh... nope a bit further -  he didn't come to church because there wasn't light and so no.

Did your ingrown toenail fix itself or is it still bad?
It's good! itll be taken out this week I believe!

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