Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Crazy.. I just Don't want to get Prideful! August 24, 2015

How was your week?
Super super fast!! Man... we worked our tails off.. It's crazy....  i just don't want to get prideful... But man I love the mission...I love the work!

Jorge and Jenni...they are progressing super well... Jorge told us he quit his job so he could start to coming to church every week... WOW he hadn't ever been to church but he quit so he could come cause he knows God will provide for himand his family! Man such a huge testimony and he LOVED church when he came... man they are so amazing... They will be such good members! 

Fernando y Elena are working to get there papers this week... so that they can get married soon... hopefully this week.... but we will see... If not then in the up coming weeks... They love the church they always come and we haven't been visiting them regularly... so we need people to visit them without us there... man it's amazing.

We found a family that was going to church for 4 years... but never got baptized... and now they are going to another church... wow... I felt the spirit talk through me... I told them about the Temples on there front porch that this is the only church in the whole world that you can be sealed to your family... and the family looked at me and just said that they knew it was true.  I hope they will come to church.

We found a  less active member,  2 actually... the man served a mission and now is in-active for 8 years and his wife... and it was over some fight that occurred years ago... so we are now working with them. 

Then we found another lady... she's in active... and she is living with someone and we are going to start to work with them... they are amazing as well. We will see.  Her dad was the branch president like 5 years ago.. and she left and never got sealed to her we are working with the wife and husband now.

I'de say our mission is one of the hardest cause of one thing. Like everyone has way great ideas to work with menos actives.. But NOBODY knows where they live... cause directions dont exsist here........ hahahaha

Melvin and Julie... They are amazing also.. he comes to church and he wants to change... he prays and reads. The issue is his wife; like she doesn't want him to change and doesnt believe he can change. But she wants to be a member of the church also... she just doesn't have any faith in her husband.

We have been searching a lot for new investigators... but nobody really prepared so far... so it's a bit rough... oh well... just keep searching for the sheep.

How many more weeks till transfers ?
Next week... 

How was church?
Good!! we had 11 people at church... we have like 15 more people at church then when I started here... about 85... so thats good... but its just like someday's people come and others no... ugh. I'm trying to learn patience.

Wow!!! so Eduardo from my last area and Mario are going to the temple in 2 months... they would have gone this month but they canceled a bus.... so thats amazing!!!

Is your health good?   
I'm doing great with my health!! I may have to have my toenail removed. We'll see.

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