Monday, October 5, 2015

Yo Y Mi Casa Serviremos a Jehova'! Me and My House Will Serve the Lord! August 31, 2015

How was your week?
It was long... I got stung by a bug this week... then I got super sick... it could have been from the bug... I had like a 102 fever and stuff... I didn't sleep all day. 

Church... oh my goodness... so rough... we had 69 persons at church... and 5 investigators... man so rough... we had a couple Andrez and Tereza... and Fernando and Otoniel... and Gerrardo...

Otoniel is sooo awesome... he's mesquito.. he's 17 man hes awesome... he is sooo smart...   He loves to read and study... and he loves church... man he wants to get baptized... he's super spiritual... so when he prays you feel the spirit really strong... we feel like he really has a relationship with our Heavenly Father... so this is super exciting... and he says he doesn't have many friends but we are getting him to go to seminary and he is loving it now... and he will get some friends.

Jorge and jenni... jorge no podia ir a la iglesia el domingo... He was working... he went and got some of his papers though... so that's amazing. Now the process is really starting, so we are going to get them baptized.  Man he loves going to institute and he takes his kid to seminary and sits and listens cause he feels the spirit so strong.. Jenni she is way awesome - she always comes to church,  we are working super hard with her. 
And wow Jorge did a prayer in a lesson... man so powerful... I teared up a bit... the spirit was so strong as he prayed for his family and expressed his love for them and us... and the message and happiness we have brought into there life, that Heavenly Father brought into their life.

We found a guy named Noe and his sister Mary... Noe has 35 years old and his sister is like 18... and we taught them all of lesson one... MAN they LOVED it... they couldn't come to church this week but we have an appointment today.  So we will see. I think they will be baptized to;  they said yes they want to come to church so we will see.

Did some of your people come through with baptisms?
We only ended up with 3 this change... we had Kevin... Kevin and Jennifer... but I pray I don't have transfer... so rough.

What is Jorge going to do for a job now?  What did he do for a job before he quit?
He doesn't know yet... he just is like an odd jobs guy... before he cooked chicken on Friday Saturday and Sunday. but he quit... so we will see what he does.. heh... rough...  but now searching.

Did anyone get their marriages through?
Nope... just working on them still.

Will you be staying in your area?  Will you be staying with the same comp?
We dont know til tomorrow....

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