Monday, October 5, 2015

Jorge And Jenni's Son passed the Sacrament Sunday! September 21, 2015

How was your week?
It was just so fast... Goodness time is flying.. We had a meeting in San Pedro for the trainers.... All I wanted to do is train... but it's just more meetings and less time working... So I changed my mind -- just give me someone that has a lot of time and lets go to work. 

Well.... Melvin and Yulisa.... Yep I really live in the most dangerous place in the world... Melvin we found out a lot of things...   Hes sooo pilus hes really searching to change his life... so I've had to call President a few times this week about this investigator.

Jorge and Jenni they are so pilus..   But their son - Sunday,  Passed the sacrament!! That was awesome... Kevin he's 12 we baptized him! So thats always awesome...!!  And after there was a priesthood meeting IN THE POURING RAIN... and when it rains in a tropical place like Honduras it rains... lol.

Kevin our recent convert his family has NEVER been interested... but yesterday we went and Kevin wasn't there only his sister... Vilma and so we talked to her for a bit shes 24... we taught her the Restoration and she was like WOW I know its true... so we put a baptismal date with her... and she accepted! So we are doing really good! We didn't have any dates like a bunch of baptisms fell... but God now will bless us with more... cause we are working hard to spread his word. 

Neil... . he knows 0 spanish.. but he goes to church and stuff.. SO I have to translate and everything... And he has 0 knowledge of God... so it's super weird... and teaching in english man I cant speak english let alone teach... but the spirit helps and my comp did the first vision and everything and he likes it alot... he has a baptismal date for the 17th of October.

Tereza and Andrez they are still coming to church and everything but not tons of progress we only visit them once a week to keep them coming to church until they feel like they must get married.. We have tried everything... now its just time and their faith. 

Giriel and his sister... They are getting along great... they should get baptized we just need permision... I'm trying to learn a little bit of another language but its sooo hard... so I dont know... it's sooo hard... They have accepted everything we are just working with them recieving and answer.

OTONIEL.... man i HAVE THEE WORST LUCK... he's moving to Tegucigalpa and he will be baptized there... but he's sooo pilus... it'll be good for him... he's a great kid... he loves the Book of Mormon... he really has a strong relationship with God.

The mosquitos... Anna and Usalio... we don't think they will be baptized.  They aren't interested in learning the gospel. Maybe just want stuff. 

Noe and Mari didn't come to church and that was super frustrating... but they want to go super bad... so we are going to see what happened... man soo frustrating... they are soo amazing but just won't go to church.. 
They have a desire to know the truth and everything.... UGH.

What is your day today looking like?  Anything fun planned?
LOTS of Rain... Rain boots and everythng... We just slept... and we ate BK... what we do usually... Got to work hard!! 

Is the weather cooling down any yet there?
Yes... but tons and tons of rain... so it's fun... it's just like last year... heh... but I like it... cause the people let us in more...

How are the feet & toenail?
They are doing tons better... tons tons...

Are your new shoes broken in now?
Yes... walking in water up to your knees breaks them in... 

How are your families?
They are great! 
Do you talk with President Klein much?
Not really... like every 3 months.

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